Documents Required For E3 Visa

E3 visa is a classification applicable only to citizens of Australia who is moving to the USA for pursuing specialty occupations. In other words it is a visa process meant exclusively for highly skilled professionals from Australia. The documentation procedure for E3 visa processing is listed below:

1. Duly filled form I-129 is the primary requirement in the process of obtaining E3 visa.

2. The I-129 form should be accompanied by a Labour Condition Application (LCA) meant exclusively for the E3 visa application.

3. The Department of Labour requires some time for the development of a fresh LCA application. Until such time the applicant can produce the standard ETA-9035 which will be considered as the E3 LCA.

4. Academic and professional certifications as proof of higher education making the applicant eligible for the job opportunity stated in the application form.

5. Offer documents of the organisation or company that has employed you for the specialty occupation and also documents supporting your eligibility for high wages.

6. If the move involves independent practice of the specialty occupation then a valid license or official permit letter mentioning the same has to be produced by the applicant.

7. Evidence stating that the E3 applicant's stay in the USA is temporary

8. Printed acknowledgement of the Machine Readable Visa fee – MRV fee that can be paid online through electronic fund transfer systems or credit cards.

9. A copy of the visa interview confirmation.

10. Valid passport.

11. Latest passport size digital photograph of the applicant submitted along with the electronic DS-160 form.

12. Supporting documents such as property documents, bank account statements and insurance papers that prove the applicant's strong ties to this native nation Australia which ensure the return of the applicant to his home after completion of the assignment.

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