Documents Required For E2 Visa

E2 visa application is a visa required to be obtained by non immigrant applicants who want to travel and stay in the USA for trade purposes. It requires that the company which is involved in the treaty trade has significant investments in the USA and the enterprise creates job opportunities for the US workers. The following documents are required for processing E2 Visa applications.

  • Duly filled online application form DS-160 that is available on the official State Department website.
  • Duly filled treaty trader/ investor application DS-156E that has been attested by the employing company.
  • A valid passport whose validity extends beyond 6 months from the expected duration of stay in the USA.
  • A colour photograph of the applicant against a white background and measuring 2x2 inches.
  • In case of a male immigrant in this category and aged between 16 and 45 years irrespective of his nationality has to submit an additional form DS-157.
  • The applicant must attach documents such as the annual report and articles of incorporation of the organisation.
  • In cases where the company is small and has no annual reports alternate documents to prove the credibility of the company such as order receipts, insurance documents or letters of credit can be provided.
  • Certified internal and external audit reports of the company.
  • Proof of the company's stock holdings.
  • Copy of contracts, partnerships, licenses and other such relevant documents to the business.
  • IRS form 941 comprising the list of employees in the payroll of the company.

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