Documents Required For E1 Visa

Application for the E1 visa is meant for those who have an enterprise established in the USA under the treaty trade. The following are the documents required to process the E1 application.

1. Completely filled DS-160 form meant for non immigrant application.

2. Completely filled DS – 156E form meant for non immigrant treaty trader application.

3. A valid passport whose validity extends beyond 6 months from the expected duration of stay in the USA.

4. A colour photograph of the applicant against a white background and measuring 37mmx37mm.

5. A valid proof of at least 1 year of trading activity in the USA.

6. Evidence of qualifications and skills of the applicant that are being employed by the company to improve their trade.

7. Evidence of remittances to the USA, such as receipts, bank drafts and forex transaction permits.

8. Evidence of establishment of the business in the USA such as letter of incorporation, partnership agreement, licenses, contracts and the like.

9. Evidence of nationality of the applicant – trader or investor in the form of passport, share holding and incorporation letters or stock exchange listings.

10. Documents that establish the trade between the treat country and the USA.

11. Evidence that the trade exists in reality in the form of annual reports, sales reports and press or media releases.

12. Documents to prove the majority ownership of the company in the trade for which the visa is being obtained.

13. Documents as proof of the type and volume of trade being conducted as per the treaty status.

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