Documents Required for C1 Transit Visa

The C1 transit visa is a document required to be produced by those who are passing through the USA to their destination country. To obtain this visa the traveler has to produce some documentation along with the application form. The documents required for processing a C1transit visa are as under:

1. Duly filled DS-160 Non-immigrant Visa Application Form available online generates a confirmation page carrying a barcode. It is important to carry this acknowledgment document along for the visa interview along with the other documents.

2. A valid passport of the country of residence with the validity date extending at least 6 months beyond the intended period of stay.

3. Two latest passport sized photographs of the applicant measuring 37mm x 37mm.

4. Proof of identity that mentions your residence address and nationality.

5. In case of applicants who are minors (those aged below 14 years) a copy of the birth certificate.

6. Documentation supporting the legitimate reason for transit through the USA.

7. Travel tickets and itinerary of the transport arrangements to the destination country are a must.

8. Visa stamping of the destination country is a must on the passport of the applicant.

9. If the destination country does not require visa then evidence that it is not required has to be produced.

10. Financial documents as proof of possessing adequate funds that in turn indicate the financial stability of the applicant to cover costs occurring during the transit

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