Derek Walcott Biography

Derek Walcott Biography

Derek Walcott is a noble laureate and is an honorary member of the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters. Walcott is a well known creative genius. He is the third black who has received the Nobel Prize. By profession Derek is a poet, playwright, writer and visual artist. Walcott has written some of the best poems and plays that has been world renowned. Derek is also the founder of the Trinidad Theatre Workshops and the Boston Playwrights Theatre. 

Born: January 23, 1930 (age 84), Castries, Saint Lucia
Education: University of the West Indies
Books: Omeros, In a green night, The Prodigal: A Poem, More
Awards: Nobel Prize in Literature, T. S. Eliot Prize, More
Spouse: Norline Metivier (m. 1982), Margaret Ruth Maillard (m. 1962), Fay Moston (m. 1954–1959), Sigrid Walcott

 Birth Details & Personal Biography

Derek Walcott was born in Castries, Saint Lucia on 23rd January 1930. His father Warwick was a Bohemian artist. Walcott was raised by his mother Alix who was the head of the local Methodist School. Walcott completed his education from St. Mary’s College in Castries. Walcott got married to Fay Moston. Though the marriage did not last long and the couple got divorced within few years. He got married again to Margaret Maillard. However this time also the marriage did not work and again he was divorced. But soon the marriage bells rang again and Derek got married for the third time to Norline Metivier but like earlier, this time also his married did not work and Derek got divorced from her too.


Derek’s love for poetry was instilled in him by his mother and turned him into a poet. Walcott’s first publication was in the 1944 that was 44 lines verse which appeared in The Voice of St Lucia. Later in the year 1948, Walcott published his own 25 poems. Next year Derek released two volumes of the Epitaph for the Young XII Cantos. His work influenced the masses and Derek got appreciation from creative masterminds such as William Shakespeare etc. In the year 1950 Walcott’s first play Henri Christopher was enacted. Derek also got recruited as a Professor of poetry in the University of Boston. Walcott received lots of appreciation and admiration for his work but his master piece was released in the year 1962 named In a Green Night. This release gave Walcott a way to reach the pinnacle of success. In 1981 he founded the theatre in Boston “Boston Playwright”. In 2007 Derek Walcott retired from Boston University.

Awards & Achievements

  • Derek was awarded by Genius Award from MacArthur Foundation
  • He has also received the Royal Society of Literature Award
  • Derek was honoured by Queen’s Medal for Poetry in 1988
  • Walcott has received Noble Prize in Literature in the year 1992


“Break a vase, and the love that reassembles the fragments is stronger than that love which took its symmetry for granted when it was whole.”
- Derek Walcott

“If you know what you are going to write when you're writing a poem, it's going to be average”
- Derek Walcott

“Any serious attempt to try to do something worthwhile is ritualistic.”
- Derek Walcott

“The English language is nobody's special property. It is the property of the imagination: it is the property of the language itself.”
- Derek Walcott

“We knew there was a point when Kevin would come through and carry us.”
- Derek Walcott

“He's just dominant. He knows how to play.”
- Derek Walcott

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