December 18 Birthdays :165 Famous People Birthdays on 18 December

Christina Aguilera Birthday (December 18th)

Christina Maria Aguilera an American songwriter and pop/R&B singer was born on 18th December, 1980 in Staten Island, New York. After emerging on the local talent shows and Disney Channel’s The New Mickey Mouse Club, Christina was noticed to the RCA Records and after soundtrack "Ref....

Joseph Stalin Biography

The first general secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union’s Central Committee, Joseph Stalin is a name to reckon with. He was a very prominent figure in the political arena of Russia. His real name was Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili and was the second leader of Russia. In his c....

December 18 Birthday Wishes

December 18 Birthday Wishes

Best wishes for a happy day filled with love and laughter. Happy Birthday.

May you stay Forever Young. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

December 18Birthday Quotes

'Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time. '

Jean Paul Richter

'It’s in my stars to invent; I was born on Madame Curie’s birthday. I have this need for originals‚ for innovation. That’s why I like Charlie Parker.'

Joni Mitchell

People Born on December 18

Year Name
1507 Ouchi Yoshitaka Japanese warlord (d. 1551)
1602 Simonds d'Ewes English antiquarian and politician (d. 1650)
1610 Charles du Fresne sieur du Cange‚ French philologist (d. 1688)
1620 Heinrich Roth German Sanskrit scholar (d. 1668)
1661 Christopher Polhem Swedish scientist and inventor (d. 1751)
1662 James Douglas 2nd Duke of Queensberry‚ Scottish politician (d. 1711)
1707 Charles Wesley English Methodist hymnist (d. 1788)
1725 Johann Salomo Semler German historian and Bible commentator (d. 1791)
1778 Joseph Grimaldi English clown (d. 1837)
1825 Charles Griffin American general (d. 1876)
1825 John S. Harris American politician (d. 1906)
1835 Lyman Abbott American author (d. 1922)
1847 Augusta Holm French composer (d. 1903)
1849 Henrietta Edwards Canadian women?s rights activist (d. 1931)
1851 Graciano Lopez Jaena Filipino orator and satirist (d. 1896)
1856 Sir J. J. Thomson English physicist and Nobel laureate (d. 1940)
1860 Edward MacDowell American composer and pianist (d. 1908)
1861 Lionel Monckton English composer for the musical theatre (d. 1924)
1863 Franz Ferdinand Archduke of Austria (d. 1914)
1870 Saki English writer (d. 1916)
1873 Francis Burton Harrison American political figure (d. 1957)
1878 Joseph Stalin leader of the Soviet Union (d. 1953)
1879 Paul Klee Swiss-born painter (d. 1940)
1886 Ty Cobb American baseball player (d. 1961)
1888 Dame Gladys Cooper English actress (d. 1971)
1888 Robert Moses American public works official (d. 1981)
1890 Edwin Armstrong American inventor (d. 1954)
1897 Fletcher Henderson American arranger and composer (d. 1952)
1899 Peter Wessel Zapffe Norwegian author and philosopher (d. 1990)
1904 George Stevens American film director (d. 1975)
1907 Bill Holland American auto racer (d. 1984)
1907 Lawrence Lucie American jazz guitarist (d. 2009)
1908 Paul Siple American Antarctic explorer (d. 1969)
1908 Celia Johnson English actress (d. 1982)
1910 Abe Burrows American playwright (d. 1985)
1910 Eric Tindill New Zealand rugby and cricket international player and referee/umpire (d. 2010)
1911 Jules Dassin American film director (d. 2008)
1912 Benjamin O. Davis Jr. American General (d. 2002)
1913 Alfred Bester American author (d. 1987)
1913 Willy Brandt Chancellor of Germany‚ recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (d. 1992)
1913 Ray Meyer American basketball coach (d. 2006)
1916 Douglas Fraser Scottish-born American trade unionist (d. 2008)
1916 Betty Grable American actress (d. 1973)
1917 Ossie Davis American actor and activist (d. 2005)
1927 Ramsey Clark 66th U.S. Attorney General
1927 Romeo LeBlanc 25th Governor General of Canada (d. 2009)
1928 Mirza Tahir Ahmad Caliph of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (d. 2003)
1929 Gino Cimoli American baseball player
1929 Jzef Cardinal Glemp Cardinal-Archbishop Emeritus of Warsaw
1930 Moose Skowron American baseball player
1931 Allen Klein American rock and roll business manager (d. 2009)
1931 Alison Plowden English historian (d. 2007)
1932 Roger Smith American actor
1933 Arthur Leigh Allen American suspected serial killer (d. 1992)
1933 Lonnie Brooks American blues musician
1934 Boris Volynov Soviet cosmonaut
1935 Jacques Pepin French chef
1936 Malcolm Kirk English professional wrestler (d. 1987)
1938 Chas Chandler English musician (The Animals) (d. 1996)
1938 Joel Hirschhorn American songwriter and composer (d. 2005)
1938 Roger E. Mosley American actor
1939 Michael Moorcock English author
1939 Harold E. Varmus American scientist and Nobel laureate
1940 Bramwell Morrison member of Sharon‚ Lois & Bram
1941 Wadada Leo Smith American trumpeter and composer
1942 Harvey Atkin Canadian actor
1943 Keith Richards English guitarist (The Rolling Stones)
1943 Alan Rudolph American film director and screenwriter
1945 Jean Pronovost Canadian ice hockey player
1946 Steve Biko South African anti-apartheid activist (d. 1977)
1946 Steven Spielberg American film director
1947 Leonid Yuzefovich Russian crime fiction writer
1948 Bill Nelson English musician (Be-Bop Deluxe)
1948 Laurent Voulzy French singer and composer
1948 Edmund Kemper American serial killer
1949 David A. Johnston American volcanologist (d. 1980)
1949 Terry Hertzler American poet
1950 Gillian Armstrong Australian film director
1950 Randy Castillo American drummer (Ozzy Osbourne) (d. 2002)
1950 Sarath Fonseka former commander of the Sri Lanka Army and a former Chief of Defence of Sri Lanka.
1950 Heinz-Josef Kehr German footballer
1950 Leonard Maltin American film critic
1953 Elliot Easton American guitarist (The Cars)
1953 Khas-Magomed Hadjimuradov Chechen singer-songwriter
1954 John Booth British racing driver‚ founder of Manor Motorsport
1954 Ray Liotta American actor
1956 Ron White American comedian
1957 Jonathan Cainer English astrologer
1958 Geordie Walker English rock musician and lead guitarist for post-punk band Killing Joke
1960 Kazuhide Uekusa Japanese economist
1961 Brian Orser Canadian figure skater
1962 Renaldo Lapuz Filipino-born American singer
1963 Karl Dorrell American football coach
1963 Greg D'Angelo American musician
1963 Pauline Ester French singer
1963 Allan Kayser American actor
1963 Norman Brown smooth jazz musician
1963 Charles Oakley American basketball player
1963 Brad Pitt American actor
1964 Stone Cold Steve Austin American professional wrestler
1964 Don Beebe American football player
1964 Robson Green English actor and singer
1965 Fawna_MacLaren American model and actress.
1965 Mick Collins American musician
1966 Makiko Esumi Japanese actress
1966 Mille Petrozza German singer
1967 Toine van Peperstraten Dutch sports journalist
1968 Rachel Griffiths Australian actress
1968 Alejandro Sanz Spanish singer
1968 Casper Van Dien American actor
1968 Mark Cooper Manager of Peterborough F.C
1968 Nina Wadia British actress/comedian
1969 Santiago Canizares Spanish footballer
1969 Justin Edinburgh English footballer
1969 Akira Iida Japanese racing driver
1970 Anthony Catanzaro American fitness model
1970 DMX American rapper and actor
1970 Lucious Harris American basketball player
1970 Miles Marshall Lewis American author
1970 Fernando Solabarrieta Chilean journalist
1970 Victoria Pratt Canadian actress and fitness model
1970 Cowboy Troy American rapper
1970 Rob Van Dam American professional wrestler
1970 Johnny Yeo English artist
1971 Barkha Dutt Indian journalist
1971 Noriko Matsueda Japanese composer
1971 Arantxa Sanchez Vicario Spanish tennis player
1972 Trevor Chowning American painter
1972 DJ Lethal Latvian-born American DJ
1972 Rah Digga American rapper
1972 Raymond Herrera American drummer and businessman
1973 Leila Arcieri American actress and model
1974 Peter Boulware American football player
1974 Euroboy Norwegian musician
1974 Bill Duggan American television actor and host
1975 Trish Stratus Canadian professional wrestler
1975 Masaki Sumitani Japanese comedian
1975 David O'Doherty Irish comedian
1975 Vincent van der Voort Dutch dart player
1976 Koyuki Japanese actress and model
1977 Jose Acevedo Dominican baseball player
1977 Lindsay Armaou Irish singer
1977 Ryan Scott Ottney American journalist and comic book writer
1978 Daniel Cleary Canadian ice hockey player
1978 Ali Curtis American soccer player
1978 Katie Holmes American actress
1979 Carlos Portuguese footballer
1979 Eric Escobar Puerto Rican professional wrestler
1980 Christina Aguilera American singer
1980 Heinz Inniger Swiss snowboarder
1980 Benjamin Watson American football player
1981 Jeremy Accardo American baseball player
1981 Jens Schmidt German rugby player
1982 Dave Luetkenhoelter American bassist
1983 Darren Carter English footballer
1983 Andy Fantuz Canadian football player
1985 Tara Conner American beauty contestant
1985 Hana Soukupova Czech supermodel
1986 Francois Hamelin Canadian short track speed skater
1987 Miki Ando Japanese figure skater
1987 Ayaka Japanese singer
1987 Fernando Jara Panamanian jockey
1989 Ashley Benson American actress
1990 James Lawrie Northern Irish footballer
1992 Bridgit Mendler American actress and singer