December 15 Birthdays :125 Famous People Birthdays on 15 December

Don Johnson Birthday (December 15th)

Don Johnson an American actor was born on 15th December, 1949 in Flat Creek, Missouri. Don Johnson is famous for his job in movies and television. Don Johnson made his screen premier in 1970 movie The Magic Garden of Stanley Sweetheart. Don Johnson played the main character of Sonny Crockett in....

December 15 Birthday Wishes

December 15 Birthday Wishes

Celebrate your birthday today. Celebrate being Happy every day.

Like the song says: ’Live your life with arms wide open‚ Today is where your book begins‚ The rest is still unwritten.’ Happy Birthday.

December 15Birthday Quotes

'Middle age is having a choice between two temptations and choosing the one that’ll get you home earlier. '

Dan Bennett

'If every year is a marble‚ how many marbles do you have left? How many sunrises‚ how many opportunities to rise to the full stature of your being?'

Joy Page

People Born on December 15

Year Name
37 Nero Roman emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty (d. 68)
130 Lucius Verus Roman co-emperor (d. 169)
1832 Gustave Eiffel French engineer and architect (Eiffel tower) (d. 1923)
1852 Henri Becquerel French physicist‚ Nobel laureate (d. 1908)
1859 L. L. Zamenhof Polish initiator of Esperanto (d. 1917)
1860 Niels Ryberg Finsen Danish physician‚ Nobel laureate (d. 1904)
1860 Abner Powell American baseball player (d. 1953)
1861 Charles Duryea American automobile pioneer (d. 1938)
1861 Pehr Evind Svinhufvud Finnish politician (d. 1944)
1875 Emilio Jacinto Filipino poet and revolutionary (d. 1899)
1878 Hans Carossa German writer (d. 1956)
1885 Leonid Pitamic Slovenian philosopher (d. 1971)
1888 Maxwell Anderson American writer (d. 1959)
1892 J. Paul Getty American oil tycoon (d. 1976)
1896 Betty Smith American author (d. 1972)
1899 Harold Abrahams English sprinter (d. 1978)
1902 Robert F. Bradford 57th Governor of Massachusetts (d. 1983)
1903 Tamanishiki San'emon Japanese sumo wrestler (d. 1938)
1907 Oscar Niemeyer Brazilian architect
1910 John H. Hammond American musician (d. 1987)
1911 Nicholas P. Dallis American psychiatrist and comic strip writer (d. 1991)
1911 Stan Kenton American musician (d. 1979)
1912 Ray Eames American designer (d. 1988)
1913 Roger Gaudry French Canadian chemist‚ businessman and corporate director (d. 2001)
1913 Muriel Rukeyser American poet (d. 1980)
1916 Buddy Cole American pianist (d. 1964)
1916 Maurice Wilkins New Zealand-born physicist‚ Nobel laureate (d. 2004)
1917 Shan-ul-Haq Haqqee linguist and writer of Pakistan (d. 2005)
1918 Jeff Chandler American actor (d. 1961)
1919 Max Yasgur owner of the Woodstock Festival site (d. 1973)
1920 Kurt Schaffenberger American comics artist (d. 2002)
1921 Alan Freed American disc jockey (d. 1965)
1921 Bob Todd British comedian (d. 1992)
1923 Freeman Dyson English-born American physicist
1923 Uziel Gal Israeli firearm designer (d. 2002)
1923 Valentin Varennikov Russian general and statesman (d. 2009)
1925 Sam Pollock Canadian ice hockey general manager (d. 2007)
1925 Kasey Rogers American actress (d. 2006)
1928 Friedensreich Hundertwasser Austrian artist (d. 2000)
1928 Jerry Wallace American singer (d. 2008)
1929 Barry Harris American bebop jazz pianist
1930 Edna O'Brien Irish novelist and short story writer
1932 Jesse Belvin American musician (d. 1960)
1933 Bapu Indian cartoonist‚ designer and film director
1933 Tim Conway American actor and comedian
1933 Donald Woods South African journalist and anti-apartheid activist (d. 2001)
1936 Joe D'Amato Italian director (d. 1999)
1938 Billy Shaw American football player
1939 Cindy Birdsong American singer (The Supremes)
1940 Nick Buoniconti American football player
1942 Dave Clark English musician (The Dave Clark Five)
1943 Kathleen Blanco American politician
1943 Lucien den Arend Dutch artist
1944 Jim Leyland American baseball manager
1944 Chico Mendes Brazilian campaigner (d. 1988)
1945 Thaao Penghlis Australian actor
1946 Art Howe American baseball player and manager
1946 Carmine Appice American musician (Vanilla Fudge)
1947 Rodney Bingenheimer American radio personality
1948 Melanie Chartoff American actress
1948 Cassandra Harris Australian actress (d. 1991)
1949 Don Johnson American actor
1952 Allan Simonsen Danish footballer
1952 Rudi Protrudi American musician (The Fuzztones)
1952 Julie Taymor American director
1953 J. M. DeMatteis American comic book writer
1954 Mark Warner American politician
1955 Paul Simonon English bassist (The Clash)
1956 William Orbit English producer‚ mixer and musician
1957 Mario Marois Canadian ice hockey player
1957 Mike McAlary American journalist (d. 1998)
1957 Yuuichi Nagashima Japanese voice actor
1957 Laura Molina American artist‚ musician and actress
1958 Eddy Annys Belgian high jumper
1960 Walter Werzowa Austrian composer
1961 Karin Resetarits Austrian journalist
1963 Andrew Luster American rapist
1963 Helen Slater American actress
1963 David Wingate American basketball player
1963 Norman J. Grossfeld American television producer and screenwriter
1966 Manos Papayiannis Greek fashion model and actor
1966 Molly Price American actress
1966 Carl Hooper former West Indian cricket player and captain
1967 David Howells English footballer
1967 Mo Vaughn American baseball player
1968 Osama Ali Maher Swedish politician
1968 Garrett Wang American actor
1969 Chantal Petitclerc Canadian wheelchair athlete
1970 Frankie Dettori Italian jockey
1970 Lawrence Funderburke American basketball player
1970 Michael Shanks Canadian actor
1971 Arne Quinze Belgian conceptual artist
1971 Clint Lowery American guitarist (Sevendust)
1972 Rodney Harrison American football player
1972 Stuart Townsend Irish actor
1973 Surya Bonaly French-born American figure skater
1973 Ryu Seung-wan South Korean actor and director
1976 Baichung Bhutia Indian footballer
1976 Aaron Miles American baseball player
1976 Elix Skipper American professional wrestler
1977 Dave Mackintosh Scottish drummer (Dragonforce)
1977 Geoff Stults American actor
1977 Eba Mongolian entertainer
1978 Mark Jansen Dutch guitarist (Epica)
1978 Jerome McDougle American football player
1979 Adam Brody American actor
1979 Eric Young Canadian professional wrestler
1980 Sergio Pizzorno English guitarist (Kasabian)
1980 Manuel Wilhelm German rugby player
1981 Najoua Belyzel French singer
1981 Michelle Dockery British actress
1981 Brendan Fletcher Canadian actor
1981 Andy Gonzalez Puerto Rican baseball player
1981 Thomas Herrion American football player (d. 2005)
1981 Creighton Lovelace American Baptist minister
1981 Roman Pavlyuchenko Russian footballer
1982 Borja Garcia Spanish racing driver
1982 George O. Gore II American actor
1983 Delon Armitage Trindadian/English rugby player
1983 Rene Goguen Canadian professional wrestler
1983 Wang Hao Chinese table tennis player
1984 Kirsty Lee Allan Australian actress
1986 Snejana Onopka Ukrainian model
1986 Xiah South Korean singer (TVXQ)
1994 Emma Lockhart American actress