Day of the Dead 2016

The Day of the Dead is a religious holiday which is celebrated in Mexico and other countries.  The focus is on praying for and remembering friends and family who have died – by the close relatives and friends who are still living.  It is celebrated with great fervor in Mexico, where it is a national holiday.  The dates never vary – November 1st and 2nd of every year.  People honor their dead with their favorite foods and drink. 

Day of the Dead Origins:

These days are commemorated in conjunction with the catholic holidays of All Saint’s Day on November 1st and All Souls’ Day on November 2nd.  They are traced back to the indigenous beliefs held by people going back many hundreds of years.  In some parts of Mexico, November 1st is the day to honor children and infants and adults on November 2nd. 

Day of the Dead How People Commemorate

Many people tae food and drinks to the gravesite to make sure that the spirits of their loved ones do not lack nourishment.  They clean up the site and also put flowers on the spot.  The more talented people write short poems describing the person and the memories they have of them.  Some of the holiday foods include sweet eggs and chocolate rabbits, which can and are covered with frosting.

Day of the Dead Observances

Most of the traditions are different in various parts of the world.  The common theme that everyone shares is to go to the gravesite and clean it up.  This is also a way to learn about family history and to make sure that the departed ones are not forgotten.

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