Darwin Day 2017

Darwin day is celebrated on 12 February of every year. The birth anniversary of Charles Darwin who is the pioneer of the modern from of theory of evolution is celebrated as Darwin’s day all around the globe. Charles Darwin is commendable of appreciation and nobility for his great work.  Darwin day is the time for us to commemorate Charles Darwin for his advancements made on human knowledge and achievements in science. 

Background information of Charles Darwin:

Charles Robert Darwin was born on February 12, 1809 in Shrewsbury, England. Charles Darwin hails from a local newly emerged professional class family. Charles made many demonstrations in his early adolescent age on scientific experimentation and natural history. After public school education in 1825, Charles registered at Edinburgh University and practised medicine with his father.  Charles found these studies rather repugnant and enrolled at Christ College, Cambridge to study theology. But, he again felt repulsive with these studies yet again. At this juncture, Charles Robert was positioned on a British navy survey vessel by John Henslow who was a professor of Botany at Cambridge. Charles Darwin studied and examined the extensive collection of natural history specimens during the five year voyage to South America.

Charles established good reputation as naturalist on the London prospect and married Emma Wedgwood in the year 1839, and published his journal “The voyage of the beagle” in the same year. Several aspects on morphology and biogeography species of plants and animals have been deliberated by Charles.  On April 19, 1882 Charles Darwin died at Downe House.

Why should one Celebrate Darwin’s Day?

Any idea that is true and good should be supported by the people to succeed and survive. The contribution made by Charles Darwin to the people conferred reproductive advantages is enormous. In order to support, popularize and propagate the contribution of Charles Darwin Darwin day is celebrated. Darwin day is thus an event for education and outreach in Evolutionary Biology.

Charles Darwin’s contribution to science had a reflective impact on the itinerary of human history.  Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection has not only provided persuasive justification for the diversity of life, it is also the foundation of modern biology and genetics.  Darwin exemplified the scientific curiosity that has led to new scientific breakthroughs that have helped humanity solve numerous problems and improve our quality of life. The discoveries made by Charles Darwin, the man who first described biological progression through natural selection with scientific obstinacy are memorized.

 Thus, gratitude is expressed to Charles Darwin on the Darwin Day for the enormous benefits that scientific knowledge has acquired through human inquisitiveness and inventiveness which contributed to the progression of human race. Thus, congress and other elected officials need to make certain that children are being educated with scientific facts and not religious beliefs or creeds in the public schools at least on Darwin day.

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Darwin Day 2017