Darwin Day Activities 2015

The activities and events that are generally held on the occasion of Darwin Day are limitless. Many social groups, educational institutions, churches, colleges and universities, individuals commemorate Charles Darwin birthday in unlimited different ways. To commemorate and honour Charles Darwin many institutions host a speaker to enlighten the great origins of humankind, evolution of life and evolutionary theory. Additionally other interesting topic related to Charles life, his achievements throughout his life, and his contributions to the mankind.

What are the different Activities held on Darwin’s day?

In many regions, debate or simple panel discussions are made between a creationist and a scientist, atheists or a religious leader, non religious leader, a philosopher or others is held to confer the impact of evolutions on individuals, society and humanity. Parties, wild bashes or crazy romps are held in many neighbourhoods by dressing up like Charles Darwin and commemorate Charles Darwin.

In some areas, local councils and mayors’ issue a proclamation on the importance of Darwin’s scientific discovery, the consequences of evolutionary theory for sciences, scientific literacy significance in education and social life is stated. Public science and free thought issues are promoted and publicised by the campus members by conducting letter writing campaign.

To promote science education, free thought and other state separation issues a Humanist Advocacy Day is held by the members of lobby legislators and public officials. A reading of Origin of Species or a table part with a birthday cake is conducted to give out information evolutionary theory, and science education.

How Darwin’s Day is Celebrated in Schools?

In many educational institutions and schools the Darwin day is celebrated by splitting the class into small groups and making the children to take part in a debate on creationism or evolution. The children need to argue on the task given by taking the side they have been allocated.  Class discussions are made after the debate to further exemplify the various facts and issues.

In schools children dress up as Charles Darwin and visit different class rooms and speak about Charles life, discoveries and writings. The various journals of Charles Darwin in which he included numerous images, his own thoughts, perceptions and observations on the voyage he made across the globe is explicated to the students in brief. Quiz is conducted to the students at the end of the session on Charles Darwin inventions and contributions with interesting gifts and rewards. Thus, students are made familiarized with Charles Darwin and his contribution to the science.

Darwin’s Day in Libraries and Museums:

The libraries and museums display special images and things relating to Charles Darwin to Celebrate Science and Humanity by highlighting Darwin’s influence on scientific interpretation.

Many individuals simply celebrate Darwin’s Day by planning a festive occasion such as a dinner at home or in a restaurant for slightly larger groups. Thus, many people celebrate Darwin’s day in their own way.

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