Daffodil Festival 2014

Event Name : Daffodil Festival
Start Date: Saturday, 5 April 2014
End Date: Sunday, 6 April 2014
Venue : Pierce County, Washington (U.S.A)

The Daffodil Festival is held annually in the State of Washington, USA – in Pierce County. One can expect to see a Flower Parade and the crowning of a Festival Queen.  Any of the participating girls from the area’s 24 high schools is crowned the Queen of Daffodils. A committee, also called the Royal Court spends many hours promoting education and volunteerism among other issues in the country. 

Daffodil Festival Information

Dates 1926-present
Location(s) Pierce County, Washington
Years Active 82
Genre Community Festival, Royalty Program
Website www.daffodilfestival.net

Daffodil Festival History

The valley near the Payallup River has great soil and the Department of Agriculture recommended growing flowering bulbs in the area in 1925, to replace another dying industry.  The idea was a big hit.  The Daffodil Festival was orginally started in the year 1926 – it started as a formal, sort of garden party at the home of Mr. Charles Orton.  The Parade section of this festival was established in 1934 – with cars decorated as daffodils. 

Daffodil Festival 2014 When & Where:

The Event is celebrating its 80th year.  This year’s Grand Floral Parade is slated to take place on April 5, 2014.  It will travel through Tacoma, Puyallup, Sumner and Orting in a day.  It will have approximately 40 floats, 80 other entries which will include marching bands and mounted units.  All Floats are decorated with fresh daffodils, which are numbered to be in the thousands.

Daffodil Festival 2014 Other Relevant Information:

The floral industry and the demand for fresh flowers have seen a huge upsurge and every year more than 20 million daffodils and other flowering bulbs are sold.  This Festival is a source of great pride for Pierce County, Washington and continues to be a big event in the Pacific Northwest.  This Festival also has a 501(c) (3) non profit designation as of January 1967.

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