Daffodil Day 2017

Daffodil day date 2017 is on Friday 25th August.

4th Friday of August of every year is observed as Daffodil Day. It’s a day that gives hope for a brighter and cancer free future not only for us but also for our friends, family and others. Daffodil Day began in the year 1957 and was led by the Irish Cancer Society. This day is said to be the annual flagship for the cancer’s society. It is also one of the most important days for the fundraising and awareness campaigns. Daffodil Day also provides an opportunity to everyone to raise the awareness about the cancer in the society.

Daffodil is one of the first flowers to blossoms out in spring and its bright yellows gives us a reminder of joy and that a new season has arrived. It also represents hope of life and an inspiration for the people who are suffering from cancer. It resembles new life and vital growth.  Thus in the year 2001 Daffodil became the logo of the Irish Cancer Society. Most of the Cancer Charity institutions use the symbol of Daffodil as a symbol of hope for all who have been affected by cancer whether directly or indirectly.

Daffodil Day is one of the largest fundraising even ever hosted for cancer patients. On this auspicious day everyone is invited to hold hands together and stand united for the fight against cancer. All should get together and celebrate the spirit of those patients who have survived life and won the battle against cancer and also of their families who have passed out through the toughest phase of their lives. The specialist doctors who are helping the patients to fight against cancer tries and bring out hope and goodwill to ones who have pass through this disease on Daffodil Day.

This day is bright and positive to support the ones who have been touched by the most impeccable disease cancer. On Daffodil Day we can focus on the thought that one day there will be cancer free future. It is held every year in almost all the countries and with lots of special events and activities held it raises the fund for the research of cancer prevention and cure.

On this day people give fresh daffodil flowers to their near and dear ones which definitely resembles their love and hope for their good health. It is more than just giving beautiful flowers; it is an opportunity given to everyone to create a world of less cancer deaths and more birthdays. A world where cancer could not steal one’s beloved from anyone.

Over the years some outstanding events have been held on Daffodil Day. All have their own way to rekindle the hope of life on this special day. Some sent fresh daffodil flowers to their beloved ones, some raise the fund by selling these flowers and while some purchase the Daffodil Day merchandise in order to make some donation to the Cancer Charity. All have different ways but the purpose is same is to raise the funds for the cancer patients and bring in hope for new life, vitality & growth. 

Daffodil Day 2017