Current Immigration Challenges For US Government

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USICS), a bureau of US department of Homeland Security was established on March 1, 2003 to hold the responsibility of all immigration service functions. With the increasing number of immigrations every year, US is facing tough situation to enforce the immigration laws and reform the policies. Since 1790, after the first Alien Naturalization Act, the United States of America has been facing new challenges on several immigration issues and reforming new policies to simplify the process of immigration. One of the critical and major issues of the current immigration status the country is facing today is unauthorized illegal entries from other countries.

Non-citizens have limited entry into US through legal ways and individuals with specific eligibility are allowed to seek the permission for permanent or temporary residence based on the yearly numerical cap and category. Despite spending billions of dollars, it is estimated that the illegal immigrants outnumbered legal ones for the first time in US history causing a great threat to borders and giving an insecure feeling for the people living in US. Even though there are many controversies presently, regarding the refined policies adopted by the current administration for detention of current immigration violators, intensifying the checks for worker immigration status, and sending the federal agents and local police departments to the companies to verify the illegal immigrant workers, the federal government is still pushing very hard to keep the immigration law under control and deport the violators from the country.

Current Immigration experts predicted the years 2010 and 2011 bring some new immigration law reforms with respect to long term pending issues like DREAM Act to provide a chance for undocumented immigrant children to get citizenship through military service or education, but all in vain things didn’t work as expected. The Arizona State’s new immigration law of enforcement also stirred up a tough situation in all states of US and became a key topic of debate among critics.

Based on the statistics there are about 1,042,625 recipients who acquired legal permanent residence in the year 2010, but the current immigration law puts a limit of 65,000 caps on the non-immigrant worker visas under special categories. It is very difficult to arrive at the exact figure of illegal immigrants but the estimated figure for 2011 varies between 9 to 20 million with Mexico at the top of the list. Already the US government has spent 40 billion dollars to deport 400,000 unauthorized immigrants to their countries in 2010 and is expecting to follow the same process in the year 2011 as well.