Culture of France

The culture of France has been significantly affected by its geographical situation. Historical events happened in the...

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Spanish Film Festivals

Festivals are the culture of Spain and Spanish film festivals are held throughout the year. Here is the month-by-month b...

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Spanish Directors

Spanish cinema’s hall of fame is decorated with some of the best directors of the world.  In this article we ...

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Spanish Actors

Spanish cinema has gifted actors with stunning looks and acting prowess, who have graced Hollywood films with their tale...

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Spanish Various Dance Forms

Spain is a land of artistes, known for its cultural heritage.  It is one of the best tourist destinations in Euro...

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Spanish Films

The first Spanish film was made in late 19th century. For all practical purposes, the first fiction film in Spain was ...

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Spanish Variants

The varieties in Spanish are regional variations of the language. It is to be noted that the alphabets remain the same f...

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Spanish Languages

Languages spoken in Spain are known as Spanish languages. Like all older cultures in the history of the world, Spanish c...

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Derived from Latin, the word Culture means, “to cultivate”. Besides having various different meanings, Culture is most ordinarily used in three basic senses:

  • A set of standard shared attitudes, goals, values and practices that represents an institution, group or an organization.
  • A composite pattern of human knowledge, trust and behavior that relies on the mental and physical ability of thought and social learning.
  • An award for excellence in the fine arts and humanities.

Appeared during the 18th and 19th Century in Europe, Culture is also used to imply the process of cultivation or improvement. In the 19th century, it came to refer to the new change in the betterment of an individual through education, and then for the fulfillment of national ambition or ideals. And later, some scientists used the term “culture” equivalent to universal human capacity.

Post World War II, even though with different meanings, the term culture became important in various disciplines such as organizational psychology, cultural studies, and management studies. A difference in culture is seen amongst various states and countries.

Indian Culture

India, known for its languages, dance, religions, music, food, and architecture differs in culture from place to place within the country.  Popular in the world also possess so many beliefs and religions, the culture of India is a merger of different sub-cultures spread throughout the Indian subcontinent and traditions.

Family plays an influential role in the Indian culture. The prevailing trend of joint family system in India, under which all the extended members of the family live together, the eldest male member is the Karta (head) and the decision-maker. All the other members of the family have to abide by his decisions and rules.

Western Culture

Having being influenced from European culture, the culture of America has been developing since it became a country with its own special cultural and social characteristics in music, cuisine, social habits, and arts. Today America is favoring major changes throughout the country as a result of large-scale immigration from various different countries.

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