Culture of France

The culture of France has been significantly affected by its geographical situation. Historical events happened in the country, and foreign and domestic groups also have great impact on the culture of France and the French people. France, and especially its capital city Paris, has been a center of high culture in Europe since 17th century. From 19th century onwards, the city has played a key role in spreading culture of France across the globe. Over the centuries, in accordance with political, economic and military circumstances, the importance of French culture has been waxed and waned. However, in today’s scenario, culture of France is noticeable by powerful unifying tendencies amongst regional and socioeconomic disparities.

Religion of France

France promises freedom of religion and it is a constitutional right of French people.  As per data of a poll in January 2007, 61% of French are Roman Catholics, 21% Atheists, 4% Muslims, 3% Protestants, 1% Buddhists and 1% are Jews. This secular country decided to break its ties with Catholic Church during beginning of the last century due to continuing conflict between religious groups.

Languages of France

The official language of France is French, as per the 2nd article of the French Constitution. The French language is widely spoken in the country. However, other regional languages such as Celtic languages, German dialects and other Gallo-Romance languages are also spoken in some interior areas of France.

Fashion of France

The connection of France and fashion in true sense happened during the sovereignty of Louis XIV. It was the era when the luxury goods industries of the country came under royal control. Arguably, at that time the French royal court became the trendsetter of fashion in Europe. During 1860 to 1960, France transformed its command over fashion by establishing the great couturier houses, the fashion press and fashion shows. Further, innovations in designing, manufacturing and marketing continued to make France a center of the high fashion.

Currently, together with Milan, London and New York, famous fashion shows are being held in Paris and France is home for some of the world's biggest fashion houses.

Art of France

Since prehistoric ages, people of France have been involved in meaningful painting. France is the origin of many art forms such as Gothic art, stained glass painting technique, cubism etc. The development of arts in France can be presented as follows:

  • Gothic art and architecture: 12th century
  • Stained glass painting: 13th century
  • Flamboyant architecture: 15th century
  • Move from Baroque to Classicism: 17th century
  • Cubism: 20th century

Number of foreign artists such as Spaniard Pablo Picasso visited France to flourish their talent. 

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