Nature of Culture

The nature of culture is a very broad scope of study. And different theorists have different interpretations to the term ‘nature of culture’. It is difficult to come to an unanimous conclusion on this subject. However, popular idealisms state that the nature of culture has basically six elements:

  1. Civilization 
  2. Community 
  3. Ethnic group 
  4. People 
  5. Group lifestyle 
  6. Society


The term ‘civilization’ is itself intriguing as it has different interpretations. However, it refers primarily to human culture in relation to technology, science, politics and division of labour. Civilizations are mostly urban in nature. Civilized people are in contrast to barbarian or primitive people refined in their taste and behavior.


Community is defined as a group of interacting organisms where factors such as intent, belief, resources, preferences, needs, risks, and a number of other conditions act and interact with each other and pose an impact on the identity of the community members with their degree of cohesiveness.

The concept of community has always been the subject of considerable debate and sociologists are still trying to come to a significant solution. However, traditionally, community has been always regarded as a group of interacting people living in a common location. Communities are groups that are organized and have common values in a single geographical location.

Ethnic Group

Ethnic groups are the group of people who can identify with each other and share a common heritage, - like, common language, culture, sometimes common religion, ancestry or endogamy. Ethnic groups can be simply regarded as biologically self-perpetuating group with same interests and sharing a specific geographical area,language and specific traditions like food habits.


The ‘people’ are a collective plurality of human beings having two usages.

1. ‘Persons’, signifying group of people having specific unifying traits.
2.  Used as singular, it refers to an indefinite ethnic group or nation

Group Lifestyle

The group lifestyle is the portrayal of the ways a group lives. It can be simply interpreted as a set of behaviors to define a given lifestyle of a group of people. The term is used with reference to politics, marketing, and publishing.

A group lifestyle, in a given time and place, includes various important factors like social relations, entertainment, dress, and other behavioral practices and reasoned actions within the group lifestyle.


Society or human society signifies a group of people who are related to each other through social status, roles and social networks.

They share the same geographical territory and are governed by the same political authority and cultural behaviors.

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