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South Asian culture is an amalgamation of different societies, nationalities, cultural traditions and cultural inheritances that have influenced the culture of this region to a greater extent. The South Asian region is comprised of East Asia, West Asia, North Asia, South Asia, South West Asia, South East Asia and the Caucasus. In fact, Asia is not a different continent; rather it is specifically a home to commonalities in different cultures.

South Asian culture consists of art, music, literature, philosophy, cuisine, religions and composite association between the common, traditional cultures. This rich and varied culture is a home to various religions such as Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. The South Asian culture had begun after Indus Valley Civilization witnessed the arrival and merger of the Aryan and Dravidian races.


Rice is the main ingredient of a South Asian meal. Apart from being a major consumer of rice, the region also produces major proportion of total rice production in the world. The South Asian region is well-known for use of exotic spices. Another common feature of South Asian region is people along the coastlines consume more fish. Colonization for a longer duration and exposure to other cultures and nations has resulted in the intermingling of flavors of different types of cuisines.


Clothing in South Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh is quite similar. Men and boys in these regions wear bandi, dhoti, kameez, kurta, pagri and sandal.

Women in these regions usually wear sari, salwar-kameez, chooridar, choli, chuba, chunni etc. and among jewelries bichhiya, payal, ring, chudi, necklace are used the most.


The South Asian countries have something common in celebration of festivals. During seasons of harvest, spring and winter they celebrate regional festivals. The people in tribal areas dance to the tune of drums. However, the style of dance differs from one region to another. The stories told from generations have many things common in them.

The universally acknowledged Gandhian principles have their roots in South Asian region.

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