What is the CSET Test?

The CSET stands for California Subject Examinations for Teachers. It includes a variety of exams used in California and other states to give an official agreement and credential prospective teachers in the K-12 education. Many of the tests in CSET tests consist of multiple choice questions and constructed response sections.

The CSET was developed by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) and administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) to determine whether or not an individual possesses the knowledge required to be an entry-level educator in the California public system.

The CSET test consists of three subsets.

  • Subset 1 covers reading, language, literature, and history.
  • Subset 2 covers math and science.
  • Subset 3 covers visuals and performing arts, PE, and human development.

The CSET test usually consists of 90-150 multiple-choice questions including some essays, short open-ended responses, and other similar types of questions. The candidate has to finish each exam session in five hours, and each exam session has one or two sessions depending on the exam. The exam has points from 100-300 with 240 set as the minimum score to qualify for the CSET test.


A candidate is eligible for the CSET test only if he registers for this exam. This registration can be done by registering on the internet, registering by telephone, or submitting a registration form for the CSET exam. All the terms and conditions shall be accepted by the applicant which is the main criteria for applying to the California Subject Examination for Teachers.


The basic requirements which are required for CSET test are:

  1. Basic Skills Requirement
  2. Subject matter competence requirement
  3. No Child Left Behind subject matter requirement
  4. Educational technology requirement
  5. Competence requirement for effective teaching of English learners


To prepare for the CSET test, the following can be referred:

  • CSET General Science 118, 119.
  • A preparation book.
  • Make use of the XAM CSET General Science 118, 119 Study Guide.


The scoring in this test depends on how well you perform in the exam. The test is evaluated based on your skills and knowledge against a thriving standard and not in respect of the performance of other test-takers.


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