Crayfish Party 2016

Crayfish parties are a traditional summer activity in the Nordic countries. The tradition started in Sweden and has now spread to Finland too. The locals like to get together, eat and drink and eat crayfish.  This event generally takes place in August as this is the time of year when crayfish are harvested. 

Crayfish Party Origins:

Crayfish harvesting was limited to August for the better part of the 20th century.  It is generally held outdoors but often, people are forced to go indoors because of bad weather and mosquitoes.  Accessories that people use or wear to the parties include conical hats, Table linen, lanterns and bibs, all made from paper.  As we already noted, this tradition originated in Sweden and has spread to neighboring countries.  People get pretty boisterous – they eat noisily, drink a good bit of alcohol and also sing traditional songs, all contributing to a rowdy atmosphere.  Eating crayfish is a pretty tedious process. 

Crayfish Party Cuisine:

Along with the crayfish, Akvavit and other kinds of alcohol is served, not just beer.  The crayfish is boiled in water seasoned with salt and fresh dill.  It is then served cold and eaten with one’s hands.  Other items served along with this delicacy are Bread, Mushrooms, Cheese, Salads and others, in a big grand buffet.

Crayfish Party General Information:

Crayfish schools and populations are dying out due to overfishing and parasite infestations.  Even though crayfish is available from other parts of the world including the US, Swedish crayfish is considered to be the best ever.  Of course, who needs an excuse to be outside and enjoy the beautiful weather and eat good food?

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