What is CPAT Test ?

CPAT stands for Career Programs Assessment test. It is a program created to test the intelligence or competence of students to take up the coursework in career oriented schools and colleges. CPAT tests the ability of students at the basic entry level and renders a design of their possible success in these colleges.

CPAT was developed by the ACT in collaboration with career college representatives. The whole idea behind developing this test is to find out the learning capacity of students. This tests a student’s ability in areas such as- language, reading, and numerical skills. CPAT is designed for students who plan to attend a four year college and universities.

Language: The Language Usage test is a 15 minutes test comprising of 60 questions in all. Students have to identify errors in the marked portion of given sentences with the help of punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, capitalization, spelling, logic and organization.

Reading: The Reading section is a 25 minute test containing 30 testing items which tests the reading skills of students. This test consists of reading passage followed by questions based on the passage. This tests the comprehension skills, interpretation skills, and generalization skills.

Numerical: The Numerical section consists of 25 items which are to be completed in 20 minutes. This test consist questions on arithmetic operations, arithmetic problem solving and categories of this.


A student or an applicant has to fulfill the following criteria before applying for the CPAT test:

  • The applicant or the student must be 18 years of age.
  • Under-age applicants and students can enroll with a letter of approval for attendance at the college from the chief academic officer of the concerned high school.


To prepare for the CPAT test, the student must essentially set an aim so as to reach his desired target. Although there is an ocean of information available throughout, picking up the right and relevant information suitable to your preparation is most important.

Tips and tricks can help you prepare for multiple choice questions which save your time and benefits you mark. The various guides available in the market are prepared by professionals that help you excel in Career Programs Assessment Test exam.


The minimum to score in language, reading and numerical skills are 42, 43, and 41 respectively. A student’s score indicates that he has skills and aptitudes to benefit from an education.


Exams give at 8:00 AND 9:00am

Event Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 Session 5 Session 6
Session Registration, January 8 February 11 April 7 June 4 August 4 October 13
Station Practice January 13 February 25 April 16 June 11 August 12 October 21
Timed Course
February 11
February 18
March 11
March 20
May 14
May 21
July 9
July 14
October 6
October 16
November 12
November 19
CPAT Test March 6 April 9 June 5 July 31 October 30 December 9

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