Constitution Day 2017

 The Constitution Day is celebrated on 17th September each year in the United States of America to commemorate the formation of the Constitution. The Founding Fathers formed and signed the Constitution of the country at the Constitutional Convention on 17th September, 1787.

Facts about Constitution Day

Constitution Day is recognized as a Federal event but federal employees of United States of America do not get a leave of absence on this day. All schools and institutions which obtain federal funds observe a holiday on this day or on a subsequent weekday if this day falls on another holiday or a weekend.

The constitution of the US is one of the oldest working constitutions of the world. To promote learning more about the Constitution, institutions across United States of America organize discussions and debates about the history of the country. Series of informative seminars are held to create awareness amongst the younger generation.

On this day, The National Archives in Washington D.C., which is home to the original copy of the constitution has activities such as role playing, informative seminars and screening of various movies to generate more interest and create more awareness about the historic document.

On the Constitution Day, national flags are hoisted by American citizens on flag poles outside their homes, on private vehicles and on various institutional buildings. Many organizations, governmental and others, distribute Constitution Day goodies to their employees.

The people, who have acquired American citizenship by the process of naturalization or by coming of age, are recognized as American citizens as on this day when the Constitution was formed and signed in 1787. Hence, this day is also known as Citizenship Day.

To mark the Constitution Day, many schools and institutions distribute free copies of the American Constitution to their students. Many vocational institutions also conduct educational lectures for the students to impart information about the Constitution. Awareness is also imparted by way of presentations, distribution of booklets and other promotional material.

Cleanliness drives are organized on this day and many American citizens volunteer to clean up their neighborhoods to spread the importance of sanitation and social involvement. 

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Constitution Day 2017