Constitution Day Course & Lesson Plans

Trivia about Constitution Day:

Constitution Day is a federal holiday that is observed in the United States of America on the 17th of September each year.

It is celebrated to honor the memory of the ratification of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Americans celebrate the day by participating in various activities like attending seminars, book readings, movie screenings, role-playing, playing games about the constitution etc.

Constitution Day Course and Lesson Plans:

A federal law was passed in the year of 2004 which made it mandatory for all academic institutions receiving federal grant to provide a special course on the Constitution on 17th September.

Keeping the law in mind, many schools and teachers have put together extensive lesson plans and courses about the constitutions for children in various grades. These plans contain a syllabus, technique and reading material that can be distributed to students of various grades to increase their knowledge about the constitution.

Constitution Day Course and Lesson Plans for Elementary School:

Students at the elementary level are made aware of basic terms like rules, Bill of Rights, Constitution, Supreme Court, justice etc. Then, interactive sessions held by teachers enable them to contribute to the discussions. They can then indulge in a question answer round, where any doubts that they may have about the Constitution can be cleared by their teachers.

Another activity that teachers resort to is, keeping elementary kids engrossed in the constitution is coloring.  It is well known that children often respond better when they are assisted by interactive methods of learning. For this reason, teachers can include basic coloring activities into the events for the day and create a furor about Constitution like no other!

Teachers use cardboard cutouts of various personalities, buildings, books etc to keep the children engrossed in the history of Constitution Day.

Subject Related Constitution Day Course and Lesson Plans:

Social Studies: Students of all classes can read and answer questions related to the constitution, the Articles of Confederation, the Report of the Annapolis Conference, the Constitutional Convention, Amendment 1 to Amendment 9, the Bill of Rights, the Student’s Rights etc.

Mathematics:  Since the following topics contain data that needs to be remembered, teachers and professors of Mathematics can also incorporate the Constitution in their daily schedule and ask the students to memorize information given in the Government Page, States Page and the Electoral Topic Page. Thereafter, the teacher can quiz them about various topics like the number of electoral votes that are required for a Presidential candidate to win the candidacy etc

Geography: Students can be asked to read the Government and the States page after which they can be asked to categorize the 50 states into various categories based on population and other geographical factors.

English: English teachers can also exercise their students’ knowledge about the constitution by asking them subject specific questions like, identifying British spellings used in the constitution as opposed to American spellings etc.

Constitution Day Course and Lesson Plans beyond the Academic Sphere:

Puzzles: To encourage students to learn about the Constitution beyond the classroom walls, teachers can prepare word puzzles and crosswords where students are induced to think beyond regular studying patterns and answer the questions.

Trivia Questions: A fun round of questioning can also be arranged where students can be divided into teams of two. They can be asked questions about the Constitution as well as the history. With progressive eliminations, two teams of two students each can face each other in the final showdown where a series of rapid questions can be asked to eventually decide who wins the quiz.

Constitution Games: Since learning and using computers are a part of every school now, students can be asked to play a few online games based on the Constitution and the history of the nation. This exercise can help them increase their awareness as well as understanding of the book that forms the foundation of all laws in the United States of America.   

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