Constitution Day Celebrations

Constitution Day in the United States of America is an important event. It is a day that is celebrated in memory of the ratification of the Constitution of America in the year 1787. Since it is a federal holiday, schools and other educational institutions give their students the opportunity to participate in the events that mark the day.

Each section of the society contributes in the celebrations of the Constitution Day. Children in elementary school are shown plays and other educational material that is suited to their age.

Seniors are asked to volunteer by organizing various activities at school and at the community level.

Citizens are also encouraged to join the volunteers and brainstorm on different methods that can be employed to make the day memorable and fun.

The Constitution Game is also played online, by various students. The game challenges the knowledge students have about their constitution and help them assimilate more information about the day.

The Constitution Day hosts the most enticing of all events – The Parade. Here, many townsfolk come together and put up a spectacular display of performances and events in their respective towns.

Senior citizens also step up and celebrate the day by reminiscing the events of the past by enacting them or by relaying their experiences to the younger generations.

Teachers are instrumental in getting the children together for the day. Thus, they insist on complete participation from each and every child in whatever capacity that they can.

Goodies like badges, mugs, t-shirts and caps are distributed amongst organizations and institutions to mark the day. 

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