Computer System Analyst Career

Who is a Computer System Analyst?

In the modern era, there is always a rapid change in technology which prompts the organization’s management to optimize and monitor the proper hardware and software. This is where the Computer System Analyst comes into play. In other words, the Computer System Analyst’s job is to study the organization’s current computer systems and procedures and provide the right kind of information system solutions which helps in the smooth functioning of the organization.

The System analyst defines the goals and objectives of the organization by designing, developing and fine tuning the organizations Information Technology with the business aspect of the organization. The typical role played by a Computer System Analyst in any organization can be listed as follows:

  • The Computer System Analyst determines the role played by the IT system in an organization in consultation with the managers.
  • Research new IT technologies and decide to implement new technologies for the organization’s efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Decide the cost effectiveness and benefits of introducing new IT Technologies along with the management of the organization.
  • To improve the functionality of existing computer systems.
  • Designing and developing new IT systems by configuring hardware and software.
  • Installing and customizing new systems for the organization.
  • Testing the new IT system for its proper functioning.
  • Training the end users and doing technical writing like writing instruction manuals.

Computer System Analysts use data modeling techniques to design computer systems which present data in a standard procedure which is typical to the organization. This helps in making faster and better decisions by the management. In order to increase the IT system’s efficiency and effectiveness the System Analyst has to conduct in-depth tests and keep themselves updated with the recent breakthrough in the technology sector.

Computer Analysts prepare flowcharts for programmers and software engineers which helps them in building the system and they also calculate the speed and memory required by the computer system.

Though the main job of a Computer System Analyst is to develop new software and maintain the existing ones, there are a few specialized computer system analysts. Some of them are:

  • System Designers or System Architects: The main job of a system architect is in helping to choose the organization the specific type of hardware and software required by the organization. They help to translate the long term goals of the organizations into concrete technical solutions.
  • Software Quality Assurance (QA) Analysts: The QA analysts test for the hardware and software requirements of the organizations. Any recommendations for enhancement in the existing system is reported directly to the management by the QA Analyst.
  • Programmer Analyst: Programmer Analysts are concerned with the design and updating of the system’s software and they create applications to suit the organizations needs.

Becoming a computer system Analyst qualification & requirements

In order to qualify as a Computer System Analyst a bachelor’s degree in Computer or Information System is a requirement. Though some firms also employ analysts with business or arts background who have considerable knowledge in information technology or computer programming. Some companies prefer to hire Analysts with a Master of Administration (MBA) with a concentration in information systems.

Some of the important skills required by a Computer System Analyst are as follows:

  • Analytical Skills: The Computer System Analyst must have the analytical skills required to interpret complex information and implement them in the current existing IT system.
  • Communication Skills: The Analyst must have good communication skills as they have to communicate with both the management and the IT department of the organization.
  • Creativity: The System Analyst must be creative and logical in finding innovative solutions to the IT problems faced by the organization. 


A bachelor’s degree or a Master’s Degree program is generally sufficient for aspiring students to prepare them for a career in the field of Computer System Analyst. Many post-baccalaureate certificate programs are also available which give the students an in-depth view of the working of various computer and business analysis and integration models. This field of study mainly dwells on database management, artificial intelligence, digital image processing, network administration and Web Servers to name a few.

In order to be eligible for computer Systems Analyst Certificate Programs the students must pass a series of skill based examinations which will test their aptitude and knowledge in different IT scenarios.

A few of the Certificate Programs for Computer Systems Analysts are as listed below:

  • Computer Systems Analyst Certificate Programs (subjects offered)
    1. Information systems design and development
    2. Decision systems
    3. Database management and analyzing information systems
    4. Business software development
    5. Information security concepts
  • Certified PACS System Analyst Certification
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Certification
  • ICCP Information Systems Analyst Certification
  • Business Systems Analyst Certificate
  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Systems Analysis
  • Master's Degree in Business and Information Systems

Career Path and Growth

The rate of growth for Computer System Analyst jobs are expected to grow by a staggering 25 percent  by the year 2022 which is much higher than the average of other occupations. Wireless technology, mobile networks and the sudden spurt in the cloud computing technology have accelerated the need for more Computer Analyst jobs.

The health care field too has recently seen the increase for the need for system analysts.

The System Analyst with experience may be promoted to be the Project Manager. Some of them are even promoted to be the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) or IT Directors in an organization.


In 2013, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a Computer System Analyst is $81,190. Moreover, the lowest 10% earned $50,290 and the highest 10% earned $125,460.

Work Environment 

As in the year 2012, Computer System Analysts were holding about 520,600 jobs in the U.S. Economy. The percentage of System Analysts in different industries are as follows:


Percentage (%)

Computer Services


Finance and Insurance




Information technology




Some of the Computer systems analysts also work as consultants.

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