Computer Laws

Computer law dictates the legal provisions governing the data stored and transmitted between computers. In today’s world there is lot of data stored and transmitted through computer networks which includes personal and confidential information also. As per United States law it is a criminal offence to obtain data from computer in a malicious way or to manipulate data or to use data for any reason without proper authorization.

Computer Law in United States of America:

Committee on Technology and Information System: In 1997, the committee on technology and information system was created to provide guidance and oversight to the associations technology initiatives. The committee has representatives from various associations selected by the president of the committee.

Information Technology Law: This law governs the way computer information can be digitally processed and transmitted. The legal provisions set in Information Technology Law also cover protection of computer software, privacy and security, internet access, computer software and digital information protection and e-commerce. The information technology Act is a new enactment which provides for newly developed software and computer usage.

Digital Signature legislation and e-sign regulation: United States passed a legislation to provide a legal framework for recognition of digital signature. This was an important step which will provide boost to E-Commerce.

Computer Fraud & Abuse Act: This law was enacted in 1986 to provide a legal framework to deal with computer hacking and computer related offence. This law was amended in 1989, 1994, 1996 and 2001 to provide for new technology inventions.

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