CNS Certification

What is the CNS Certification test ?

CNS stands for Clinical Nurse Specialist. It is an advanced practice registered nurse course with graduate preparation from a platform that prepares CNSs. A Clinical Nurse Specialist is a clinical expert in a specialized area of nursing practice and in the conveyance of evidence-based nursing interventions.

Clinical Nurse Specialists work with other nurses to improve their nursing practices, outcomes and render clinical expertise to effect system-wide changes to better programs of care. The Clinical Nurse Specialists work in pediatrics, geriatrics, women's health, critical care, emergency room, diabetes, oncology, psychiatric, rehabilitation, pain, wounds and stress.

CNS Certification Eligibility

The basic eligibility criteria for a candidate to qualify for a CNS certification is that he/she must hold a current, active and valid Registered Nurse's license in a state or territory of the United States, or the professional must be recognized equivalent in another country. There are however, different specializations in CNS such as Adult Health, Pediatrics, and a few more. The eligibility criteria, qualifications and requirements for these specializations varies with the specification.

CNS Certification Preparation

The Clinical Nurse Specialist exam is a computer-based test. Applications to appear for this exam can be sent all year and test during a 90-day window. This exam is held at various different places in the United States. An exam center of your convenience can be selected.

CNS Certification Ranking

The results of the CNS exam will be displayed in the site instantly as soon as the exam is finished. If a candidate clears his/her test, they will receive a certificate and pin within two months. To get a CNS Certificate, one must apply for free verification through the relevant process to the mentioned board.

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