Clinical Nurse Specialist Career

Clinical Nurse Specialist A clinical nurse specialist (CNS) is an advanced practice registered nurse (RN), who provides evidence-based nursing care according to their specialization. Apart from traditional mode of serving, CNS will also focuses upon assisting patients, diagnosing and treating diseases, injuries and disabilities within the field of expertise. They also act as expert consultants in guiding the nursing staffs and in improving health care delivery systems. CNS is majorly employed in management positions for developing and Monitoring the policies and procedures in the system. If Interested CNS may also contribute to research towards translating research findings into patient care, evaluating research proposals, applying research results to practice, or coming up with new evidence-based standards and protocols

Roadmap to become a Clinical Nurse Specialist

  • After completion of Bachelor of Science in Nursing, should get license as a Registered Nurse
  • It is advice to work for few years as it helps in gaining insight into patients illness and gives exposure towards diagnoses and treatments.
  • CNS can be chosen as a specialization in the Master’s degree in Nursing or as a Post-Master’s Program.
  • After completion of course student should get register for Advance practice in Nursing Licence from state nursing board.
  • This certificate should be renewed every 5 years o Completing continuing education courses or getting published in a peer-reviewed book or journal are both acceptable renewal criteria

Areas of Specialization

Duration for CNS program is 1-2 years basing on area of specialization opted.

The certificate can be obtained in the areas like orthopedics, critical care, oncology, adult health, gerontology, psychiatric, home health and community health.

Responsibility of Clinical Nurse Specialist

CNS task include:

• Improving patient care

• Allocating staff and resources

• Analyze patient data and develop specialized treatment plans

• Helping and teaching patients and families to manage their conditions

• Providing consultation to staff nurses and incorporating teamwork

• Participate on new research

• Formulating policies and procedures for smooth functioning of system

• Identifying and adopting best practices in Health care

• Writing Prescription if necessary

Salary Structure

According to United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the salaries for clinical nurse specialists, depending on specialization and region, varies from $65,000 to over $110,000. On average CNS will be paid $81,589 per year and pay will be based on specialization rather than experience

Scope for Career

CNS can be employed at Physicians’ offices, Hospitals, Outpatient care centers, Colleges and universities, Community centers, and Laboratories.

Basing on research of Bureau of Labor Statistics published in Occupational Outlook Handbook. February 2015, there is a need of 199000 CNS by 2022.

The main reason for the growth in number of jobs is that the CNS can provide specialized health services at lower cost than the physician

Growth in career

CNS can start the career as a staff nurse and can move as a Senior-level member of management team or can set up health care center and provide services.

CNS can also opt for teaching in colleges and universities

Work Conditions

Many Health care service centers offer flexible work schedules, childcare, educational benefits, and bonuses. As nursing care facilities is necessary round-the-clock irrespective of weekends and holidays, work will be in rotating shifts, covering all 24 hours. With a short notice they should be available at duty.

Nurses working at offices, schools, and other places will work basing on regular business hours.

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