The Office of the College Level Academic Skills Test (CLAST) administers the CLAST which is a test mandated by the state (Section 1008.29,F.S), to determine the English language and communication skills as well as computation skills of students , seeking admission in State Colleges and Universities.  Students who seek admission in Arts, Bachelor of Arts, or Bachelor of Science could demonstrate proficiency by taking the CLAST.  The CLAST Office holds workshops, seminars and forums to guide and educate the students about the CLAST and its preparation.

The CLAST Office holds the CLAST two times each semester.

The CAT-CLAST is the computer version of the CLAST and can be taken for mathematics, reading and English language Skills sub tests.  The Essay sub test is to be taken through on campus administration every semester.


  • Undergraduate students with 18 credit hours.
  • Registration for the CLAST is done at the University that requires the scores.


Students under some conditions are exempted from taking the CLAST. A student with a learning disability, or a GPA Exemption,   SAT scores and ACT scores or a College Placement test Score exempts students from CLAST.


The CLAST is made up of four parts English language skills (ELS), Reading, Mathematics and Essay. 

English language skills and mathematics is a multiple choice test.  ELS tests grammar, structure of sentence formation, spelling, punctuation and vocabulary.  Reading subtest will require the student to read a short passage and answer questions that demonstrate comprehension and ability to form judgments.  Mathematics tests knowledge of algebra, statistics, geometry and basic math.  Essay subtest requires the student to write an essay with clearly formulated ideas and arguments. 

The CLAST is of five hour duration with 60 minutes awarded to Essay, reading and language skills-80 minutes and mathematics-90 minutes.


  • ELS passing score is 265 on the CLAST scale, Reading pass score is 260
  • Mathematics pass score is 260 and Essay requires a score of 4 to pass.
  • Each subtest gives its score that is communicated to the student and University. Along with the scores the University also receives information identifying skill areas and weaknesses. 

CLAST Test Dates

Fall Semester 1st Saturday in October
Spring Semester 3rd Saturday in February
Summer Semester 1st Saturday in June

Fees: $30

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