Cinco De Mayo 2017

The victory of the Mexican militia over the French army in the Battle of Pleuba is commemorated by celebrating the Cinco de Mayo. The day is celebrated on May 5 every year, which is the day on which the success in the battle was marked. Cinco de Mayo is not the Mexican Independence Day celebration as all believed. The state of Mexico became independent from Spain about 52 years before the battle of Pleuba. And the Mexicans celebrate their Independence Day on September 16 every year. The Cinco de Mayo, just like the Mexican Independence Day is a patriotic celebration observed with much enthusiasm in throughout the city of Pleuba and other parts of Mexico. The Mexican inhabitant of the United States also celebrates this historically significant day with enthusiasm.

The Battle of Pleuba which took place in 1862 is an important event because it marks the victory of a smaller and ill equipped army of Mexico against a powerful French army. The Mexican army with only 4000 soldiers smashed the French army with more than double soldiers on the morning of May 5 in 1862 and Mexico marked its victory against the invasion of the French troupe under the command of General Zaragoza.

The events after the gain of Mexican independence led to the invasion of French troupe and the Battle of Pleuba. Mexico declared its independence from Spain in midnight of September 15 in the year 1810. But it took over 11 years to force the Spanish army to leave Mexico. The independence struggle and many political take over and wars like Mexican – American war and the Mexican civil war left the country economically ruined and indebt to many countries including England, Spain and France. Because of the economic crisis, the country ceased to make interest payment to its main creditor. France was actively expanding its empire at the time and they took this debt issue to force an invasion on Mexico.

Under the emperor Napoleon III, French troupe landed in Mexico in the pretext of collecting the loan payment. The real motive was to invade the weak and exhausted state of Mexico. French army very easily invaded the coastal regions of Mexico and marched forward towards the Mexican capital city Pleuba. The French army, who did not taste defeat for over 50 years, faced strong resistance at Mexican forts of Loreto and Guadeloupe. The Mexican army led by General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguín was able to defeat the strong troupe of France on May 5, 1962 at the capital city of Pleuba. This victory was a moment of glory and sense of unity for the Mexicans.

The victory of Mexico against the French was short lived and a year later, the French army was able to take over the Mexican army and impose its rule on the state of Mexico. Even though Mexico was invaded by France at last, the victory of the Mexican army in the battle of Pleuba is a moment of pride for the country. The Mexicans celebrate the Cinco de Mayo to honor the unity of the troupe and bravery and victory of the smaller outnumbered army under General Zaragoza at the battle of Pleuba in 1862.

The victory of the battle, celebrated as Cinco de Mayo is observed with much enthusiasm by the capital city of Pleuba and throughout Mexico. It is a very colorful celebration and this day is celebration of Mexican food, culture, customs and drinks. The Cinco de Mayo parades, concerts and fun activities are observed by the Mexicans. The people dresses in colorful traditional dresses and celebrate the day by engaging themselves in folk dance and mariachi music. This fun day is also a day for tasty Mexican treats. The schools hold events to educate the new generation on the importance and significance of the day. Specials events conducted also highlight the traditional Mexican culture and practices. Cinco de Mayo is a day for partying and having fun and this day is gaining more recognition each year.

Fifth may is not only the celebration of victory over the French troupe; it is democracy, unity and the love for the country and its culture that is celebrated. Cinco de Mayo is a celebration that shows that being small does not matter if you are determined and united.

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Cinco De Mayo 2017