Cinco De Mayo Traditions

Cinco de Mayo is a regional holiday in Mexico which celebrates a great achievement in the history of the country. Cinco de Mayo means fifth day in the month of May. The holiday commemorates the defeat of French against Mexico in the battle of Puebla, under the leadership of Mexican General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguin, in the year 1862. Mostly it is celebrated in Mexico and also across the United States. As many people think, Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico Independence day, and Mexicans celebrate their Independence Day on 16th September. Cinco de Mayo is a party that celebrates the freedom and liberty and a day, to share your happiness with others and to enjoy the Mexican culture.

Cinco de Mayo is considered traditionally as a national festival of Mexicans. This festival is a colorful event celebrated with colorful flowers, balloons, streamers, music, dances, crafts and many more.  The Mexican flag rectangular with 3 vertical stripes, green, white and red is being set as the theme for the celebration. The people observing the day dresses themselves in bright color, mainly green, red and white and they decorate their house with symbols of Mexico tradition.

And it is the time where the people enjoy the tasty traditional Mexican recipes and their loved Mexican food. This important Mexican holiday is celebrated at home by preparing delicious Mexican food for the family and friends are also invited to join the meal. The food and the preparation may vary between families and regions of Mexico.

On this festive day, all are dressed up in bright traditional holiday clothing, grab some sombreros, hang their chilies around the house and have fun. Celebrations are boring without the parties, Cinco de Mayo also include private parties are most popular now as the public parties are held in restaurants. The Cinco de mayo parties are always a colorful event, the party hall is decorated in shades of orange, green , red and white and the party goers also dresses up in bright and colorful costumes. The persons can choose their favorite historical which they would love to wear. If you have chosen Pancho villa they dress in a dark shirts with bandoliers and a pair of white pants with a large mustache and a large sombrero. Each and every Mexican participates in this festival forgetting their sorrows and by enjoying themselves without the traditional Mexican dances and mariachi music Cinco de Mayo is incomplete. The traditional Mexican dance performed on the Day is the Jarabe Tapatio or the Mexican hat dance which is a seductive cat and mouse game, the man moves around the woman to get her attention but do this without touching her and then the women slowly gets into this dance and dances around her partner's hat. The woman dances slowly and modestly where as men dances very faster by doing a variety of steps to make it livelier. They choose red, green or other pretty colorful outfit .mostly ladies wear swirly s, embroidered skirts and colorful wraps and men usually wear cow boy boots and tight pants. Little girls participating in the dance usually wear dress which is entirely different from that of older people, that is they often wear red and green ruffled dress with wide skirts.

Cinco de Mayo also provides entertainment to the children's by including games for them, which makes these celebrations more exciting. There are number of games for kids which will entertain them and makes them happy. The games also help to make the kids aware of the tradition and history of the festival. The Mexican hat dance for children is a one of games where children make giant circle and they walk side ways around the hat when the music begins. When a child is called out of the circle, he has to dance around the hat kept in the centre until the next child is called upon to perform and the dancing game goes on. There are also other interesting games like five strings, Cinco de Mayo bingo and many more which will make the celebration more memorable for the little ones.

In schools, the students are taught about the history of the country and the celebration. Many educative functions and competitions are held so as to involve the students. The children's share their experience what they have learned with their family at school. It is also a time where one can be grateful to others, for what they have done so that today life is more comfortable and independent. The children's also enjoy this day by engaging in crafts work. One of the common craft they do is Mini Sombrero; these are great table decorations kids can make without much difficulty. Children makes craft forms of Mexican food items like tacos and tostada; these are easy and fun Cinco de Mayo project for children.

In the recent year, the popularity of Cinco de mayo has increased to a great extends. And also it can be seen that every Mexicans celebrates it each year in one or another way, which shows its importance. Cinco de Mayo is a time of celebration and patriotism, and a time to celebrate independence, freedom and national pride and a time to acknowledge the freedom fighters. It is the opportunity to educate the children about the country and its history in a fun way.

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