Cinco De Mayo Party Ideas

The Mexican army under General Ignacio Zaragoza fought against the invasion of French led by Napoleon, in the year 1862 and defeated the French army which was much stronger and well equipped than them. The victory of the Mexican army at the capital city of Pleuba on the morning of May 5 is still a moment of pride and happiness for the Mexicans and this victory is celebrated as the Cinco de Mayo day.


The Cinco de Mayo will be celebrated on Wednesday, the fifth of May in Mexico and the United States. The day is a fun filled one with lots of colors, food and fireworks. On the day, parades, street fares and carnivals are conducted in the Mexico and the U S and these are the main tourist attraction in Mexico around the Cinco de Mayo week. The day is celebrated by having traditional Mexican food and drinks, singing, dancing and partying. The color and theme of the celebration are Mexican heritage, culture, customs and flag. The colors of the Mexican national flag, red, green and white are used everywhere during the celebration; the dresses, the decorations and everything comes in the shades of red green and white.

Cinco De Mayo Party

Cinco de Mayo is a fun day and the day is incomplete without partying. People living in Mexico or living with Mexico in their heart celebrate the day with pride and enthusiasm. Friends, families and neighbors gather together and have a fiesta to honor the day. The theme of the party is based on the Mexican culture, custom and costume. The party area or hall is decorated with paper flowers, balloons and red chili pepper wreath. The people dress up in bright colored traditional Mexican dresses and enjoy the party with very tasty Mexican delicacies and the Mexican beer.

If you are planning to organize a party on this Cinco de Mayo, you should try to bring out the personality of the day in every bit of things you do, from party invitation to the take home gifts. You don’t have to spend a lot to make it attractive; a well planned and properly executed party can be much more interesting and memorable if you put your heart in the function.

Party Invitations

You can get readymade invitation cards for any occasion. You can choose the best and the most suitable ones from the market having chili pepper, Mexican sombreros or tequila clip arts and beautiful wordings. All you have to do is include a hand written note inviting the guests or type in their names. This is indeed an easy and tension free way to send the invitation. If you are thinking of giving a personal touch to the invitation, you can design your own card by painting anything related to the celebration or making a chilly shaped cards or a beer bottle shaped one. If you are not good at sketching designs, there are many clip arts in the internet which could be very easily downloaded for your card.


The party hall should always look inviting and 'party like'. Decorate the party hall with lots of paper flowers, and bright red chilly hangings. Decorate the room with green, red and white streamers which are the colors of Mexican national flag. You can even paste interesting writings about the festivals or some pictures and paintings. Your guest are sure to notice it and know why they are celebrating and having a party. Also try to include decorated lanterns and candles to give lighting to your party and use very dim lights so it look as you have gone back many decades.


As in all party Cinco de Mayo should also have a dress code, and usually traditional dress of Mexico is set as the party's costume. You can set the color of Mexican flag or any particular dress style or even the sombrero or shawl as the costume code. Or you can provide flowers to the female invitees to wear on their hair if you are not setting any other dress code.

Foods and Drinks

Plan a real traditional diet and remember to include vegetarian recipes, meat preparation and sea food preparation rather than having many meat preparations so that you give them a wider taste. Don’t forget to include soups, starters' main food and sweets or puddings. Mexican food is the healthiest cuisine you can come across but do take care to include one or two very low calorie preparation for your health conscious guests. Try to label all the traditional foods you are preparing so that your guest knows it by name rather than 'the second dish on table number three". Adding a list of main ingredient of each food and which part of Mexico it originally comes from is also a good idea. And try serving in traditional clay pots rather than the spick span and expensive plates and serving dishes. If you want to make it real traditional, avoid providing spoons and forks with the plate. Let your guest enjoy being real traditional Mexicans.

Don’t forget the drinks, Mexican beers and margaritas are a must for the Cinco de Mayo parties. Take care to order for the beverage in advance because it is a celebration when the beers and drinks are at the most wanted list.

Kid's Party Ideas

If you are planning a family party, don’t forget to include some games or crafts to keep them engaged. You should take care of all your guests, not only the grownups.

If you are planning kid's party on the day, let your little guest dress up as some important historical figure. To make the party more interesting for them plan activities like Cinco de Mayo crafts, games and coloring competitions. You can even include a small quiz about the Cinco de Mayo, don’t make it a big contest as it is a party day not an exam day. Ask simple questions like "What are the colors in the Mexican national flag?" or "Name a food that is traditionally loved by Mexicans?" or even "who is the personality you dressed up as?" You can include fun games like Cinco de Mayo Bingo, Mexican Hat dance or 'break the piñata.' The best thing about the kid's party is that can teach the children about the celebration and its importance through these games, crafts and small stories.

Give Away Gifts

Give away gifts are a token of thanks and memory. You can either fill many small piñatas with the gift and whatever comes out of it when your guest breaks it goes with them to their house. You can present small stuffed red chili peppers, small sombreros or anything in red green or white and having a Mexican design in it as the take home gift. You can also include a bag of tortilla chips with a hand written thank you in the bag along with the gift.

If possible, try to arrange a photographer for your party and give your guests some snaps of the party after the day is over. They are going to love it, as it is a piece of memory saying "hi I am very happy at this moment."

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