Cinco De Mayo Celebrations

Cinco de Mayo celebrated throughout Mexico and the United States is an occasion of ethnic pride and love to the motherland. This festive holiday, celebrated on the fifth day of May is observed to commemorate the victorious battle against the French invaders that took place in Pleuba. The Mexican troupe led by General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguin defeated the French troupe, with twice as many army men, on 1862 May 5. And this historic moment is celebrated with much pride and enthusiasm. This day is not the Mexican Independence Day as many believe; the Independence Day is actually celebrated on September 16, the day on which Mexico became independent from the Spanish rule.

The Cinco de Mayo is a joyous occasion celebrated by dancing, singing, feasting, drinking and having fun. Parades, carnivals and street fares are conducted around the Cinco week in the U S and Mexico. The celebration of this day is at the highest in the capital city of Pleuba and the Mexican descents in the United States also celebrate this day with as much enthusiasm as the natives of Mexico. Cinco de Mayo is a fun and color filled festival which leaves a little feel of patriotism in the hearts of the people.

Military parades are conducted on this day to show respect and to pay tribute to all the brave soldiers who fought for the country and were ready to sacrifice their lives for it. The Mexican army, navy and special forces participate in the parade dressing themselves up as revolutionaries. The school students may also volunteer to participate in the parade. On this day, military service pledge allegiance to national heritage, victory and pride. The Mexicans around the world celebrate the culture of Mexican ancestry on this day. In the Peñón de los Baños, neighborhood of Mexico the popular representation of the battle of Pleuba is organized on the day of Cinco de Mayo. They enact the war by dressing themselves as the Mexican and the French soldiers.

The day is celebrated by the Mexicans by dressing up, partying, feasting, singing and dancing. And on the day, everything in the traditional way; eating traditional Mexican cuisine, and dancing to the mariachi band and dressing up as Mexican revolutionary or any important historical figure. The men, women and children dress up in bright clothing on the day. The celebration is colorful and fun filled and makes the people love the country they are from. After all the celebration, you will be left feeling patriotic.

The parties on this day are either organized as public parties held in restaurants or parks or may be organized as a small family party. Anyhow, it is celebrated with the tasty Mexicandishes which are the healthiest food anyone can come across. The menu may include foods like guacamole, chilaquiles, enchiladas and mole poblano, vegetable salsa and lots and lots. But there is no particular tradition observed while preparing food, the food may vary between regions and families. And Mexican beers and classic margaritas are must refreshment in the Cinco de Mayo party; the day is celebrated by lots of drinking. The people decorate their house with colorful flowers and balloons for the party and hang red chilies around their house and party areas. And the party goers dresses in bright clothing, mostly in shades of green red and white which are the colors of Mexican flag.

Cinco de Mayo is a fun day and the celebration of Day is incomplete without the Mexican folk dance and mariachi music. People usually perform the Mexican hat dance which is a beautiful dance form done by men and women. This is a passionate and seductive dance form where a man dances around the woman trying to seduce her to dance along with him, and then she follows his dancing and finally dances around her partner's hat. The Mexican music may also include Tejano, Banda and Mexican cumbia besides the mariachi style. During the Cinco de Mayo celebration any one form of the music is enjoyed by the people. They either organize a band to play it, in case of big parties or else put on the music C D when enjoying at home.

Cinco de Mayo crafts, exhibitions and fairs are organized around the celebration week at schools and educational institution that highlights the Mexican traditional activities, Mexican food and the history of the country. The activities planned in the schools are centered on the Mexican customs and culture. Various games are also organized for the children in the neighborhood to enjoy the day in a Mexican way.

Cinco de Mayo is not a quite celebration, rather it is observed by loud music, bands, parades, fireworks and bull fights. It is a day for enjoyment and a day to party. This day is celebrated with patriotism at heart, smile on faces and color all around. This day is a real feast for the eye and heart of the Mexicans and the tourist who comes to Mexico around the Cinco de Mayo week.

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