Chocolate Day Activities & Celebration

Are you aware of Chocolate Day? It’s a day of celebrating chocolate for fun. Make wide varieties of chocolates at home and celebrate with family and friends. Kids do love chocolates. Let’s have good fun of chocolates with kids on this day.

US national Chocolate Day is celebrated on 28th October every year.

Do some special activities and fun to have a remarkable and memorable Chocolate Day. This article is about how to do attractive activities and entertainment on Chocolate Day.

Chocolate Day activities mostly include making wide varieties of chocolates with different taste and look. There are mainly four types of chocolates namely Dark chocolate, Milk chocolate, semisweet chocolate and Bittersweet chocolate. However, there are some other well known chocolate types, for example Couverture, White chocolate, Cocoa powder, Compound chocolate, Dutch process chocolate and Scho-Ka-Kola.

You can also make chocolate pudding, chocolate syrup or chocolate cake on this day but you should know how to make all these in fine tuned manner. Out of all chocolate cakes, ‘Devil's food cake’ is more popular.

Chocolate day represents how we can make the day remarkable and memorable .You can indulge with the preparation of an unknown chocolate recipe, which can bring surprise enthusiasm.

Learn a special chocolate recipe to have chocolate fun with family and friends.

Amaretto Truffles

Important Ingredient -

Bittersweet chopped chocolate 6 ounces
Heavy cream 1/3 cup
Butter without salt 1 tablespoon
Amaretto 1 teaspoon
Milk chocolate 4 ounces
Cocoa As per measurement

Equipment -

1 Stainless steel bowl
1 saucepan

Method of Preparation:

Put chocolate in a big steel bowl. Check the bowl, it should be stainless steel. Mix all cream and butter in the saucepan and boil until it gets soft, then mix chocolate with that along with Amaretto. Now stir it for 5 to 6 minutes. Check the mixture it should turn soft. So, keep on stirring until it gets soft. After the mixture turns quite soft then keep that for some time to get cool. When the mixture turns cool refrigerate it for minimum 3 hours because the entire mixture should set properly.

Take out the mixture from the refrigerator after 3 hours and make 1-inch ball shape out of it. You can roll by your palms giving proper shape for the balls. Now you can dip each of the chocolate into milk chocolate. As soon as you dip the chocolates in milk chocolate, you have to roll these in cocoa. You can refrigerate these chocolate balls for another 3 hours. Check well, if the chocolate balls get hard properly then you can use waxed paper to separate layers.

Celebration of Chocolate Day:

The celebration of chocolate day is seemed quite passionate among people. But celebration depends on the preparation of various chocolates. You need to prepare some surprising chocolates with different taste and look. You can eat chocolates instead of your regular food on this day to make the day a quite memorable for you.

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