Chinese New Year Traditions and Customs

Traditions and customs are very important to Chinese people. As a society the people of China take a lot of pleasure in their ethnicity and conventions and have made all potential labors to uphold their holiness by keeping them lively at usual time gaps.

The  Chinese New Year is an occasion when one is able to see Chinese traditions in complete blossom. A core of customary goings-on blows up on the vista throughout the initial few weeks of the Chinese New Year. The Chinese have an entire set of viewpoints and customary performance with regards to the convivial of a new year. Monetary offerings in Red Packets, Lion Dance, reverence of Kitchen God, etc. just to name only some. One can observe how intensely the age old customs are entrenched in theChinese civilization by observing all of the conventional proceedings that are brought into spotlight throughout New Year revels.

The conventional merriment formally starts on a night or two prior to the real New Year turn up and go off to the 15th day of the first month of the New Year. This is a grand time to have enjoyment and do business in China as citizens are glad and jolly and eager to expend their money as well!

Each house gets a careful and complete cleaning for welcoming the New Year. The bad fortunes of previous year are avoided and the dwelling is revamped and purified for greeting the good luck of the imminent year.

All through the development to Chinese New Year, Door Gods are positioned on the outer doors of houses. Gates and windows are decorated red as per the custom. Red is the color of New Year in China. The conventional faith is that it keeps away all kinds of wicked spirits and omens and keeps the house secure and protected from any harms and damages.

Then there are the conventional streamers and adornments that are prepared in the homes for example the paper cuts in additionto the couplets that represent diverse constructive stuffs like riches, prosperity and contentment etc. The New Year home beautification stuffs vary from pictures to scrolls and beautiful wallpaper patterns.

New Year’s Eve is an unusual night as per the Chinese custom and is observed in the conventional style in full passion and enthusiasm. Chinese people more often than not set up donation tables prior to midnight of Chinese New Year Eve to call the benefaction of the 'Money God'.All family members get together for an evening meal where they have jiaozi which is an acceptedNew Year foodstuff consisting of dumplings in boiled water.

The family get together continues the whole night as they come as one to have fun in various games and in present era they even watch television shows that are committed toNew Year celebrations. An extraordinary attempt is made by children to put on the illumination and staying awake all over the nighttime as this observance is supposed to provide their parents an elongated and healthy existence!

Very early the subsequent morning, children salute their parents and accept their gifts like money enfolded up in red paper parcels from them. Then, the family starts out to offer compliments and good wishes from door to door, initially to their associations and then to their neighbors. It is a grand occasion for reunion. Old complaints and ill wills are with no troubles shed away throughout the good wishes. The aura is infused with affection and affability. Throughout the numerous days subsequent to the New Year's Day, people are paying a visit to each other, with immense arrangements of exchange of gifs. The real day of the week starts with compliments, gifts, lantern parades, Kung fu works, performance, gigs and other range of revelry that last a complete two weeks and draws to a close with the dragon dance together with the firecrackers on the night of the first full moon putting an endto the show of antique customs in contemporary times. The New Year atmosphere is brought to a comedown fifteen days before where the Festival of Lanterns occupies the limelight. It is an instance of lantern shows and folkdances everywhere. One characteristic foodstuff for the time is the Tang Yuan, an additional variety of dumplings prepared of sweet rice rolled into balls and ballooned with either sweet or spicy foodstuffs. 


Chinese people like playing happy melody during Chinese New Year. Each and every song bear blissful messages like "good health" etc. Whereas some people may believe the songs are too loud, it is a tradition forChinese New Year songs to be played throughout the festival.  

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