Chinese New Year Party Ideas

Chinese New Yearis observed every year approximately in the months of January or February. In 2009, for example, the celebrations began on January 26. This is an occasion for family gatherings, and the whole thing is painted in red, which is extensively assumed by the Chinese to indicate fire and to stay negative and inauspicious spirits and misfortune away. Every family units who commemorateChinese New Year will conventionally use up time beautifying the home and making singular Chinese food and cookies for family and friends. One should magnetize affluence, profusion, success and good luck by hosting a party for the period of theChinese New Year.  

Chinese Traditions

For greeting the New Year and creating good luck one must keep the following points in mind:

  • Dirt free the home as meticulously as feasible all through the days previous to the New Year to brush off the ill luck of the year that’s on the verge of conclusion.
  • Do not clean the home during the initial few days of the New Year. A person does not desire to brush off the good fortune of the New Year.
  • Brooms and dustbins have got to be kept out of view prior to the New Year’s Day to avoid good luck from being brushed away.
  • Strive to visit as many of the relatives and contacts as probable and load the home with loved ones, mirth and light all through the New Year festivity to extend good wishes for the approaching year.
  • Don’t weep on that day of the week or shout at the kids or one will be initiating an attitude of conflict for the approaching year.
  • When the visitors come, persuade them to take off their shoes and pace tenderly into the house as it calls for a soft switch into the New Year.
  • Prohibit white. White stands for loss and grief. Don’t dish up White Russians and nothing with white cream. 

Chinese New Year Invitations: 

  • Craft distinctive, vivid, multi coloured invites to attract enjoyable people. One can import 20 diverse Chinese New Year’s clip art similes and pictures from Microsoft’s Clip Gallery Live. Add in dazzling Red font shade on the invites.
  • Pen down the invites on a domestic paper lanternor the figure of a Chinese dragon. One may use red construction paper and should write “Gung Hay Fat Choy!” which means Happy New Year.

Party Decorations: 

Ornament the home in red, the Chinese shade for good fortune.

  • Make use of red strips to drape around the twigs of the internal vegetation.
  • Purchase a few Chinese fortunate characters and stick them upturned. One can dangle paper cuts on gates and windows.
  • For additional blaze, filth gold confetti over a black cover. Glow Red & Gold Candles.
  • Peonies are a symbolof love, fondness and loveliness and are recognized in China as “Flowers of Riches and Honor.” Glide them in goblet or dust them across the bench.
  • Make an effort to string a flower festoon to beautifying the mantels or entrance.
  • Decorate the ceilings by means of the red and black balloons attached with long gold streamers.
  • Line the path with conventional Chinese lanternsto attract the light and fortune together with the friends and family — directly into the home.

Chinese New Year Party Food: 

Dish up and have as many blessed foods, such as whole fish, noodles and mandarin oranges, as feasible on the New Year. If one is not willing to cook Chinese food, most Chinese restaurants put forward singular New Year menus. Make up for the cookery indiscretion by serving Outrageous Orange or Double Chocolate gourmet fortune cookies.

Beverage: If one is anxious about it being a “school night” then serve up Chinese tea. If not, serve up Chinese alcoholic drink or choose one Asian inclined mixed drink. Here are a a small number of ideas:

  • Store the essentials. Beer, wine, vodka, rum and whiskey. If one is not having adequate funds for the drinks, only beer and wine will be enough.
  • To the Chinese , oranges and tangerines stand for prosperity, kismet and plentiful pleasure. Some illustrations of orange drinks are Orange Martini, Screwdriver and Fuzzy Navel.
  • A coconut stands for togetherness. Think conventional Pina Coladas (coconut-flavoured rum together with pineapple juice) or, for the more bold, the Blue Coconut (coconut-flavoured rum, lemon-lime soda and Blue Curacao).
  • Go for Red. The shade red means contentment. Blend a drink of Bloody Marys or red sangria.
  • Go for the jugs. Any drink that does not have a carbonated mix can be completed in jugs very fast, tinned and stocked up in the refrigerator.

Party Games, Events and Activities:

Chinese Zodiac Game : One can make use of Chinese Zodiac Game Cards to play a few games. He may download the cards from the net and get them printed. He can also buy them. Then make use of these cards for these games:

  • Play Find The Partner: fix one of every pair of cards to every guest’s backside and ask them to discovertheir associate – although they have got to first work out who they are by making enquiries which can be responded only by Yes or No.
  • Have a Treasure Hunt. An easy method to play is to observe who can locate the majority of the cards. To build the game tougher, print outboth sets of cards: provide one shade to the visitor and ask them to look for the corresponding cardin the other colour. 

Other Chinese New Year Party Ideas:

  • Distribute money packets – On New Years day, everybody get leisee – red packets painted with bullion signs and packed with “lucky money”. Or one can also make use of small red envelopes which are frequently adorned in black with one of four Chinese features representing riches, affluence, profusion and prolonged existence
  • Offer a red & gold gift bagfull with 3 Chinese coins fastened with red strand; oranges; fortune cookies; chocolate coins; and gold ingots.
  • One can, in addition, present a small stuffed animal of the year.
  • Drape chopsticks in a red napkin and bind them as one with sparkling gold band.
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