Chinese New Year Crafts and Activities

Have a good time in celebrating Chinese New Year by making these crafts related with the vacation. Kids can make dragons, Chinese lantern, chopstick frames, felt fortune cookies, Chinese hat and a special Year of the Rat Friend! Anyways the list did not ends here. Below are some of the craft ideas one can practice.

Chinese Lanterns


  • Coloured paper (construction paper or gift wrapping)
  • Scissors
  • Glue, tape, or a stapler

How To Make It

  • Fold over a rectangular piece of paper in half, building a long, thin rectangle.
  • Make a chain of cuts (about a dozen or more) all along the fold line. Don't cut all the way to the rim of the paper.
  • Unfold the paper. Glue or staple the small edges of the paper collectively.
  • Slash a band of paper 6 inches long and 1/2 inch broad. Glue or staple this strip of paper crossways one end of the lantern - this will be the handle of the lantern.
  • Not obligatory: Make a lot of lanterns and thread them all along a length of yarn. Beautify the room!

Tiger Paper Bag Puppet


  • Paper lunch bag
  • Orange and black Colour
  • Black marker
  • Black, white, and orange construction paper
  • Gold Colour pen
  • Scissors
  • 1 black chenille stem
  • White craft glue
  • Glue stick
  • Pattern

How to make it:

  • Colour the outer surface of paper bag with orange Colour and let dry.
  • On a portion of black construction paper, use the gold Colour pen to draw 2 circles, approximately 1 inch in diameter.  
  • Slice in the region of the circles, leaving a border of black paper, cut every end out to a point to look like the almond outline of an eye. Make use of the mould for the eyes as a guide.
  • Immerse the handle end of a Colour brush into black dye and using a spherical movement, at the round blacks of the eyes against the gold. Let it dry.
  • While bag is dry, add tiger stripes about the bed of the bag (the head) and down both sides. Put in a nose and facial characteristics also. Use the prototype as an idea for sketch on the facade. Use black Colour to fill in the stripes.
  • As Colour is drying, slice the ears and paws out of orange construction paper using the moulds. Colour in the middle of the ears with black marker. Use a glue stick to fix the ears to the back of the bag and the paws to the front.
  • Cut two teeth from white paper and use a glue stick to fix them under the flap.
  • Glue the eyes to the face using a glue stick.
  • Cut chenille stem in to four parts and use white craft glue to fix two to each side of the face. Let it dry.


  • Colour pens are available from the neighbourhood craft supply store. 
  • If one chose not to Colour the bag, he can cover it with orange construction paper.
  • Coloured party bags are available at party supply and discount department stores.

Chinese Orange Tray

For the duration of the celebration of Chinese New Year, oranges and tangerines are put on show in trays or bowls. Tangerines are representative of good luck and oranges represent wealth. One can make his own tray of oranges to share good luck with the entire family!


  • Styrofoam bowl
  • Red and orange Colour
  • Gold glitter glue
  • Styrofoam balls, 6 small, 6 large

How to make it:

  • Colour the whole bowl red and let it dry.
  • Colour the Styrofoam balls orange and let it dry.
  • When bowl is dry, beautify the rim with gold glitter glue.
  • When the Styrofoam balls are dry, put in to the bowl, glue in place if willing.


  • One can replace the Styrofoam balls with pom poms. 
  • To rapidly shade the Styrofoam balls, put them all on a paper plate and spurt cheap poster colours all over them. Roll them around in the colour. Once covered one may make use of use a colour brush to get rid of the excess colour and move them to another plate to dry. 
  • Styrofoam balls are obtainable in the craft department by the wreaths.

New Year Games and Activities

Here is a list of multicultural games that all children can play. Games were invented in China and have been played by Chinese boys and girls on behalf of centuries.

Forcing the City Gates

Select captains, decide sides, and form into two lines in front of each other. Everybody in every line, take hold of each other's hands tightly and sing:

He stuck a feather in his hat,
And hurried to the town
And children met him with a horse
For the gates were broken down.

One player from the other side runs with all his energy throwing himself upon the hands of the children who had sung. The purpose of the game to being able to "break through," If winning, the two players whose hands were parted come to his/her side. The new side then sings. One from this cluster will attempt to break through the line and thus every other unless one side or the other is broken up.

Select Fruit

Choose captains and decide sides. All crouch down in two rows twenty feet apart. Every child is given the name of some sort of fruit, such as apples, pears, peaches, quinces, or plums - all of which are general about Peking.

The captain on one side then blindfolds one of the children, as one from the other group go up and walks over to contact the blindfolded child - returning to their place amongst their own group and taking as closely as probable the position they had when the other was blindfolded. In case their friends are doubtful as to whether their arrangement is exactly the same, they all modify their position, in order to put off the one blindfolded from deducing who it was who left his place.

The covering is then detached from the blindfolded person's eyes. They should move toward the members of the conflicting team to look at cautiously the positions of the players or a hint of fault in the face or eyes of any of them. They can make faces to attempt to cause the guilty one to giggle. If their guess is right, he takes the position of the child who touched them. If they are wrong, they hang about on their side. One from their side is then blindfolded, and the entire process is repeated until one group or the other looses all its children.

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