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Chinese culture is considered as one of the oldest culture of the world. In eastern Asia it covers up a large geographical area. Though all of these regions follow the Chinese culture broadly, the custom and traditions differ in between towns, cities and states. Around fifty-five minority groups reside in remote regions of China and have their own distinct cultures, languages, and ethnicity.

Civilization in China dates back to approximately 1766 B.C.E. It was the Zhou who defeated the Shang in 1059 B.C.E. and ruled the country for about one thousand years that is longer than any reign. Over the period the country was ruled under dynasties like Qin, Han, Shan, Tang, Song, Ming, Qing etc.

It happened in the year 1977 when Deng Xiaoping, a Communist Party leader who had been influential in the Civil War and the establishment of the People's Republic got the control of the power and started the program of renovation and moderation of assertive economic policies.


Rice is the main food in all the countries which follow the Chinese culture. But in northern and western region where the climate is not suitable to grow rice, wheat is the staple food there.

Chinese people usually take noodles or wheat bread in their breakfast. In southern region of the country most of the people have rice porridge, or congee, along with shrimp, vegetables, and pickles. In Chinese culture, lunch is quite similar with the breakfast. Day’s largest meal is the meal which they have in the evening. Soup is common in all the meals served throughout the day.

Some of the Chinese Delicacies are:

  • Dim Sum
  • Beijing duck
  • Abalone muscle
  • Fried grasshoppers
  • Sea cucumber

Chinese food has gained popularity in all over the world for its distinct taste. According to the taste of the region or the country Chinese food are also being available in fusion form.


Though Japanese clothes and Chinese clothes have similarity in them, ‘hanfu’ is the traditional Chinese dress. The design of hanfu is different for different group of people in society. For example the lower class Chinese men used to wear black cotton shoes whereas the people belonging to higher class wore black leather shoes while attending ceremonial occasions. And people who are very wealthy, used to wear bright, beautiful silk shoes.

But with changing time and lifestyle the Chinese dressing sense has been changed a lot. As Chinese people got relaxation from communist clothing during late 1970s, people in China now prefer to wear western clothes.


Chinese worship Buddha. Worship in Chinese culture is a form of individual meditation or prayer. One form of sacred practice is the popular physical exercise. The three main traditions well known in China and the world are Wushu, (or  kung fu), shadow boxing known as taijiquan and Qidong, one type of breathing exercise. Chinese people from all age group practice these physical exercises. They gather in a park or any public space and exercise together.

Throughout the year Chinese people also perform various rituals to get good crops and get rid of the impact of bad fortune.


The following are some of the events that are celebrated in China with lots of joy and enthusiasm:

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