Children's Book Day 2017

The International Children’s Book Day coincides with the birthday of the famous author Hans Christian Andersen. It is celebrated on 2nd of April every year since 1967. It is celebrated to focus attention on children’s literature and inspire young readers to take up reading as a hobby and love the company of books.

The celebration is widely promoted by international and national organizations through media and activities at schools and community libraries. They conduct workshops and held special book releases for children. They have special sessions to felicitate illustrious authors of famed children’s books. Writing competitions and book awards are some of the other things held by publishers and children’s books enthusiasts.


What to do on children’s book day:

If you are a parent to a young child, or a school teacher then you could gather kids for a small session on this day. Print out special posters to set the theme of the day. You could start by explaining the significance of the day and then share one of the hundreds of beautiful stories written by Hans Christian Andersen. You can ask each of the children to read out their favorite short story aloud.

These are a few ways of participating in and celebrating children’s book day.

Children's Book Day 2017