Cheese Rolling Festival 2016

The Cheese Rolling Festival is held at Coopers Hill in Brockworth, in the famous Cotswolds of England.  It is an annual event and is traditionally held and hosted by the people who live in this area – and now people from around the world participate in this event.

It has never been managed by any one – 2010 and 2011 events were organized by volunteers who were furious at the idea of having to pay 20 pounds as entry fees.

Format Used:

A big round wheel of cheese is rolled down from the top of a hill and participants race down after it.  The first person to cross the finish line at the bottom, wins the cheese.  Theoretically, the competitors are supposed to catch the cheese but it never happens as it rolls down at 70 miles an hour – to knock out and hurt anyone.

There are many pubs and watering holes in the area which are well known to the participants – they frequent these clubs for some courage before the event and also to discuss tactics.  They also come back after the event for recovery and fun.


Accurate information is not available about this event but it is supposed to be at least 200 years old.  It is getting more popular with time and people come from all over the world to participate – either as spectators or to compete.

Type of Cheese Used:

Cheese used at the event is the Double Gloucester – a hard cheese which is made in cylindrical blocks.  The person currently supplying for the event is a local maker named Diana Smart – and she has been supplying the event since 1988.

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