Cheese Day 2017

Every year Cheese Day is celebrated on 20th January. It is a day which is specially meant for the cheese lovers, and if you are not one still, to fall in love with cheese. Enjoy your slice of cheese with an even bigger slice of fun and laughter. So, just don’t let this day to get away like any normal day. It is a day about your most favorite cheese. You can treat your taste-buds to an old favorite one, or else, go out and be a little adventurous. Try to make new recipes or fall in love with a new flavor of cheese. Go out and try the one you have never tried before.

Some cheesy facts about cheese

  • Did you know that it was in 1851 that an American dairyman, Jesse Williams established the first cheese factory of America near Rome?
  • France has its own Cheese Day that is celebrated in April. For them the date varies from one year to the next. The French people have a heritage of a highly reputed cheese quality and diversity which practically no one has matched. What’s more, 7% of a Frenchman’s food budget is spent on cheese. They have to have cheese with two out of every three meals they eat everyday!
  • Have you ever wondered how cheeses are classified on the basis of their flavours? Learn about the different flavours of cheese, like:
  • Fresh flavour: Almost everyone likes this fresh creamy and lactic flavour. The textures of these fresh cheeses are smooth or granular. Soft white cheese, fromage blanc, cottage cheese, goats’ milk cheese have that fresh flavour.
  • Neutral flavour: Fresh hard non-processed cheeses made from pasteurized milk and very newly refined cheeses have this typical flavour. It is especially favourite among those who do not like very strong flavour of the cheese.
  • Mild flavour: The cream-enriched cheeses have this particular flavour. In their freshly-refined state, soft or hard non-processed fresh cheeses also have a mild flavour which is typically favourite of many cheese-lovers. Goats’ and slightly-salted-and-dried ewes’ milk cheeses also have a nice mild flavour.
  • Understated flavour: The understated flavour is typical of those cheeses which have been interrupted in their refining phases before having full maturity.
  • Pronounced flavour: It is also known as “cheeses of character”. The ripe refining process makes those “well-produced cheeses” with a pronounced flavour.
  • Strong flavour: Thick soft cheeses with long-fermentation, well-refined veined cheeses, hard thick cheeses that have neared the end of the refining phase, and even extra-dry goats’ milk cheeses have a strong flavour.
  • Very strong flavour: Macerated cheeses going on to very slow-fermentation cheeses, very old goats’ milk cheeses preserved in white wine have this very strong flavour. Sometimes, their flavours are too strong than their tastes. So, be careful while choosing them.

So now, when you know all about the flavours of cheese, in your next visit your cheese supplier can be more confident and use your newly-gained knowledge to get the best cheese.


Cheese day is all about being a bit cheesy towards everything in life. So, don’t forget the message of the day. Go out, let your hair down and enjoy the day with lots of cheese. It is all about that!


Cheese Day 2017