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One of my favorite things about 'Star Trek' wasn't just the overt banter but the humor in that show about the relationships between the main characters and their reactions to the situations they would face; there was a lot of comedy in that show without ever breaking its reality. - J. J. Abrams, Director

As an actor I'm part of a long line of character people you can take back to the silent movies. - Curtis Armstrong , Actor

It's motive alone which gives character to the actions of men. - Jean de la Bruyere, Philosopher

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What I believe will make my acting career successful going forward is hard work. I like to challenge myself. Then it's the people I meet and choosing the projects I want to work on correctly. There's a lot of characters I can play. - Barkhad Abdi, Somali Actor

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When I develop a character, I usually start by creating a backstory with whatever information I have access to. - Daniella Alonso, Actress

As an actor I'm part of a long line of character people you can take back to the silent movies. There's always the little guy who's the sidekick to the tall, good-looking guy who gets the girl. - Curtis Armstrong , Actor

It's not about finding Mr Right, or that sort of conventional ending, but I do want my characters to have hope - and that's what I do with all my stories. - Cecelia Ahern , Novelist

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You can't be funny for funny's sake. You try to get as outrageous situation as you can but it always has to be believable and based in real character motivations and what people would really do. - Hank Azaria, Actor

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Character is greater than talent, genius, fame, money, friends - there is nothing to compare with it. A man may have all these and yet remain comparatively useless - be unhappy - and die a bankrupt in soul. - George Matthew Adams, Editor

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There's something extremely rewarding about following characters that you like and knowing that there's as many hours of viewing as you have the appetite for. You can tell more complex stories; you can create more complex characters in the longer form. - Jamie Bamber

I'm a character actor but unlike a lot of character actors, I don't look radically different from film to film and there was a bunch of them at once. - Curtis Armstrong , Actor

When I started working on 'Battlestar Galactica' in Canada, I was told to get as fit as a marine for my character Lee 'Apollo' Adama. So I did. But now I have a problem with suits, because I'm 5 ft. 9 in. with a 40 inch chest and a 31 inch waist, so I'm rather too big for that very tailored British look, and they always have to be altered. - Jamie Bamber

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It is easier to influence strong than weak characters in life. - Margot Asquith, Author

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Hemingway was a prisoner of his style. No one can talk like the characters in Hemingway except the characters in Hemingway. His style in the wildest sense finally killed him. - William S. Burroughs, Writer

The people who write official histories for the Army believe that a generation needs to pass before you can tackle the official history. It's useful to have some distance. Sources become available. Passions cool. It allows an opportunity to make some real assessments and judgments about personalities and characters. - Rick Atkinson, Author

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Industry, thrift and self-control are not sought because they create wealth, but because they create character. - Calvin Coolidge, President

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Comedy, drama, Westerns, sci-fi... it's all fine if the story's compelling and the character is interesting to me. I do like action a lot. - Jensen Ackles, Actor

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The thing that's characteristic of my performance is that I literally do drag the whole studio onto the stage. - Laurie Anderson, Musician

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'Deep Red' (1975) is my favorite movie. The character David Hemmings plays is very much based on my own personality. It was a very strong film, very brutal, and of course the censors were upset. It was cut by almost an hour in some countries. - Dario Argento , Director

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To act, no matter how the character is, you have to love and have compassion for the character you're playing. - Marshall Allman, Actor

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I express things through characters because I have a fear that my own voice is irritating because that's been said to me. - Maria Bamford

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I'm involved in some action scenes, so they'll train me for that. I'll be working with my acting coach to prepare for my character. - Aaliyah, American Musician

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There's something about the way of playing a repellent character, that if you can play him with a certain amount of charm, you can get away with a lot. - Curtis Armstrong , Actor

It's more acceptable for guys to get old and craggy and become wonderful character actors as they get older, but women aren't allowed to get old and craggy in the same way. - Marion Bailey, Actress

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I'm often asked where my nickname 'Kun' comes from. My parents says it was a Japanese cartoon I used to watch on television when I was very young, set in the Stone Age, where the main character was a boy called Kum Kum, the little caveman. - Sergio Aguero, Athlete

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It gives a different kind of high when, as an actor, I get to submit myself to the character I play. - Vidya Balan, Actress

I look for an interesting and often times, fresh character. Something different that what is done all the time or than I've done recently. I look at who is directing. Those two variables as well as a third, which is the content and the quality of the screenplay. I look at the arcs of the scenes and characters and relationships. - William Baldwin, Actor

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There are two ways to go about it. You can take a compass and draw a perfect circle and make two perfect eyes as neat as can be. Or you can do it freehand and have some fun with it. Like I did. Give it character. - Harvey Ball

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I'm one of those writers who, when writing, believes she's god-and that she hasn't bestowed free will on any of her characters. In that sense there are no surprises in any of my books. - Lynn Abbey, Author

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You can't judge a character that you're playing, because then you're fighting against doing what the character's doing. - Marshall Allman, Actor

Fear has disappeared. No more fear. In Asia, it is different. They've discovered again the fear and the psychology of the characters. Without psychology, the horror film doesn't exist. - Dario Argento , Director

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As a writer, my main objective is to tell the story urgently - as if whispering it into one ear - and to know the characters intimately. - Julianna Baggott, Novelist

I have a comic character - my sister said that I'm the victim of every joke I tell. - Maria Bamford

Sitting at a candidate rally is similar to sitting in a ballyard. Both give you the opportunity to assess the technical metrics and reflect on the intangibles - what baseball calls 'make up' and politics calls 'character' - the leadership, talent and maturity to add value to a venture. - Christine Pelosi

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When I write fiction, I never try to deliver a message; I just want to tell a story. But I admit that I want the story to be memorable and the characters to touch the reader's heart. - Isabel Allende , Writer

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In 1963 and later papers, I pointed out that the special market characteristics of medical care and medical insurance could be explained by reference to differences in information among the parties involved. - Kenneth Joseph Arrow , Economist

Character builds slowly, but it can be torn down within incredible swiftness. - Faith Baldwin, Novelist

Not a having and a resting, but a growing and becoming, is the character of perfection as culture conceives it. - Matthew Arnold , Poet

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I always think I know the way a novel will go. I write maps on oversized art pads like the kind I carried around in college when I was earnest about drawing. I need to have some idea of the shape of the novel, where its headed, so that I can proceed with confidence. But the truth is my characters start doing and saying things I don't expect. - Julianna Baggott, Novelist

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I don't really worry about the size of the part much any more. It's nice to have more time to work on the character, and to have big scenes to play. But if there's something playable there, and if it's interesting to do, then that's nice. - Alan Alda , American Actor

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I think the biggest lesson that I take from 'Avatar' on any set that I go to is just work ethic. Working with Jim Cameron, you're used to working very, very long days and you're very meticulous about details. He's very, very picky about little details, little character-isms and things. - Laz Alonso, Actor

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My idea of an actor is to be different persons with different roles. Every time a script interests me, I look for interesting characters because I intend to completely transport myself into it. This happens only because I am a very greedy actor. I am not part of the rat race because I am living a dream. - Vidya Balan, Actress

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How I work is I work from of very character-driven place. And I trust the writers. - Amy Adams, American Actress

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I'm a big fan of 'Star Wars.' Some of the most iconic characters of 'Star Wars,' we didn't see their faces but to this day you can say Jabba the Hutt or Darth Vader and people know what you mean around the world. - Laz Alonso, Actor

When two characters or two actresses are together for a while there is bound to be chemistry developing. - Joan Van Ark , Actress

I have been working up until recently with Neil Simon, who has been adapting the character to me. - Paula Abdul, Musician

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Country was about character. Country's changed because of monsters like Clear Channel who bought up all the stations and sliced them up into formats. Our demographic is now the soccer mom. - Gary Allan , Musician

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Character isn't something you were born with and can't change, like your fingerprints. It's something you weren't born with and must take responsibility for forming. - Jim Rohn

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There will always be a slight difference between the reel and the real. Even my family might know 99 per cent about me, but there will be this one per cent about me that nobody will ever know. Being in this profession, I am fine with biopics or movies inspired by real-life-characters. - Vidya Balan, Actress

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No novel is a clone of any preceding one, though with a background cast of characters and things that has grown to thousands, there are many familiar aspects. - Piers Anthony , Writer

Confusion of goals and perfection of means seems, in my opinion, to characterize our age. - Albert Einstein, German Physicist

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Profitability comes from loyalty, productivity, and having a character base from which to work. - Zig Ziglar, Author

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The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty. - Zig Ziglar, Author

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It was character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us into action, and discipline that enabled us to follow through. - Zig Ziglar, Author

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Only men of character are trusted. - Zig Ziglar, Author

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It takes a great deal of character strength to apologize quickly out of one's heart rather than out of pity. A person must possess himself and have a deep sense of security in fundamental principles and values in order to genuinely apologize. - Stephen Covey, Businessman

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Public behavior is merely private character writ large. - Stephen Covey, Businessman

Just as we develop our physical muscles through overcoming opposition - such as lifting weights - we develop our character muscles by overcoming challenges and adversity. - Stephen Covey, Businessman

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When it comes to developing character strength, inner security and unique personal and interpersonal talents and skills in a child, no institution can or ever will compare with, or effectively substitute for, the home's potential for positive influence. - Stephen Covey, Businessman

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Our character is basically a composite of our habits. Because they are consistent, often unconcious patterns, they constantly, daily, express our character. - Stephen Covey, Businessman

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I think it is important that you care about the characters, and you are not just waiting for the next action sequence but have a vested interested in what happens to them. - Shawn Ashmore, Actor

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I'm 25, so I've already gone through what my character Ged goes through, though it's on a general scale because I haven't studied at a wizard's school. - Shawn Ashmore, Actor

The genre of fantasy is about magic and occult characters. - Shawn Ashmore, Actor

Playing a character who's dealing not only with a superpower but having a normal relationship is easy to associate with, because I feel that everyone has been through it. - Shawn Ashmore, Actor

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Our first scene is sort of a reunion between the X-Men characters, which establishes everyone's relationship to one another, sort of like a recap for all those who have forgotten since the last movie. - Shawn Ashmore, Actor

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6 Amazing quotes about Character by Rowan Atkinson

I have always regarded Mr. Bean as a timeless, ageless character, and I would rather he be remembered as a character mostly in his 30s and 40s. - Rowan Atkinson, Comedian

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And what's interesting about him as a comic character is that the custard pie hardly ever ends up on his face. - Rowan Atkinson, Comedian

It's the difficulty we had with Mr. Bean, actually, when it went from TV to film. You certainly discover that you need to explain more about a character. - Rowan Atkinson, Comedian

When I was doing Bean more than I've done him in the last few years, I did strange things - like appearing on chat shows in character as Mr. Bean. - Rowan Atkinson, Comedian

I think the character does tend to suit an episodic thing, because what's fun about him is that he doesn't care about anyone else, and it's very difficult for a main character - a lead character - in a movie to not care about anybody else. - Rowan Atkinson, Comedian

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I would return to the Blackadder character if the opportunity came up. I have no qualms about that at all. - Rowan Atkinson, Comedian

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Give me a character that has an heroic quality, and I'll go there. - Richard Armitage , Politician

I can't bear shopping. I can choose clothes for my characters, but not for myself. I've got no dress sense. Or I've lost it. - Richard Armitage , Politician

I'd say that, to be a good deal maker, you have to have 3 basic characteristics - timing, timing, and timing. - Richard Armitage , Politician

Often you find the character through the things they say. How they talk about other people, how they describe themselves - which is very rare. - Richard Armitage , Politician

There's a very strong force in Tolkien's characters. - Richard Armitage , Politician

I never like to go out of character when filming starts. I fear that if I do, I might not be able to pick it up again. - Richard Armitage , Politician

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You can spend a bit of yourself when you give yourself to a character. At the end of a job, you have to remind yourself who and what you are. - Richard Armitage , Politician

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5 Best quotes about Character by Ralph Waldo Emerson

No change of circumstances can repair a defect of character. - Ralph Waldo Emerson, Poet

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Character is higher than intellect. A great soul will be strong to live as well as think. - Ralph Waldo Emerson, Poet

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Judge of your natural character by what you do in your dreams. - Ralph Waldo Emerson, Poet

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People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character. - Ralph Waldo Emerson, Poet

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People seem not to see that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character. - Ralph Waldo Emerson, Poet

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Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved. - Helen Keller

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One strength of the communist system of the East is that it has some of the character of a religion and inspires the emotions of a religion. - Albert Einstein, German Physicist

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Our ability to handle life's challenges is a measure of our strength of character. - Les Brown, Businessman

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