CEN Exam

The Emergency Nurses Association sponsors the CEN (Certified Emergency Nurse) Exam and is administered by the Applied Measurement Professionals. Certification ensures that the concerned nurse is qualified and competent to handle emergency nursing, plus it raises job prospects and chances of a higher salary.


Candidates who wish to appear for the CEN exam must possess a current unrestricted nursing license, or an equivalent Registered Nurse certificate plus two years of experience as an emergency nurse.


The CEN exam is a computer based exam consisting of 175 multiple choice questions, of which 150 questions are scored and the rest are pre-exam questions, which are not scored. The duration of the exam is three hours.

Content subjects in the exam are:

  • Cardiovascular emergencies 17 items
  • Gastrointestinal emergencies 9 items
  • Obstetrical and gynecological emergencies 10 items
  • Maxillofacial and ocular emergencies 9 items
  • Neurological emergencies 12 items
  • Orthopedic emergencies and wound management 15 items
  • Psycho/social 7 items
  • Substance abuse, toxicology and environmental emergencies 13 items
  • Shock , trauma emergencies 8 items
  • Professional issues 7 items

Study Strategies

Sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge of the content areas is imperative.   Recommended textbooks, study guides, seminars, review sessions, flash cards, are all resources for preparing for the CEN Exam. Taking a CEN practice exam of 50 or 150 questions enables the candidate to understand the format and type of questions to be answered. CEN Practice exam also give you the score you have obtained, by which performance can be upgraded. It is recommended that all questions must be answered;  even a guess answer will do.


CEN Exam score is based on the correct answers of the 150 questions.  The passing score is 109 correct responses or 75% of the 150 questions asked.  The CEN Exam score is given to the candidate after the exam. A passing score indicates the CEN Certification which is valid for four years.


The CEN Certification has to be renewed after four years by taking the CEN Exam again or through Continuing Education or by Internet based testing.

Dates: July or August, 2014

Discounted Fees for ENA Members and ASTNA Members

Credential Initial Exam Recertification (CE or Exam) Recertification (IBT) Applicable  To
CEN® $230 $210 $250 ENA Members Only

 Fees for Non-Members 

Credential Initial Exam Recertification (CE or Exam) Recertification (IBT)
CEN $370 $350 $370

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