Celtic Culture


The most primitive archaeological culture is known as Celtic culture. This culture started during the time period 800-450 BC in Central Europe. As a result of diffusion or migration, the culture was spread over a large range of regions including British Isles, the Iberian Peninsula,Central Europe and as far east as central Anatolia. There were seven Celtic nations namely, Brittany, Cornwall, Ireland, the Isle of Man, Scotland, Wales and Galicia.

By the middle of first millennium AD,after the spreading out of the Roman Empire and the Great Migrations of Germanic people,Celtic culture had become limited to Ireland and to the western and northern parts of Great Britain and northern France. During 5th and 8th centuries AD,the Cletic people of Atlantic areas had surfaced as a convincingly consistent cultural entity.


During earlier periods, people belonging to Celtic culture wore shirts (with long sleeves) and long trousers. The clothes were made up of wool, linen or silk. In winter they used to wear cloaks. Brooches, armlets, a neck collar of metal known as torc were the jewelry items used by them.


The Celts were worshipping a number of gods. As per the Syrian rhetorician Lucian, Ogmios, the deity of eloquence, was supposed to lead a crew of men chained by their ears to his tongue as a representation of the power of his persuasiveness. On the other hand, the gods named, Taranis, Teutates and Esus were not very influential.

Images such as a squatting god, a three headed god, a god with a wheel, a god with a snake, and a horseman with a kneeling giant indicates different aspects of Celtic culture. People from different Celtic regions were worshipping different gods.


The following are some of the events celebrated in different regions those are following Celtic culture:

  • Newport Irish Heritage Month
  • Longs Peak Scottish Irish Highland Festival and Parade
  • McPherson Scottish Festival
  • Highland Festival
  • New Hampshire Highland Games
  • Grandfather Mountain Scottish Highland Games
  • Celtic Festival and Scottish Highland Games
  • Newport Irish Heritage Month
  • Irish Fest

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