CCRN Review

The American Association of Critical Care Nurses develops the CCRN Exam and it is administered by the Applied Measurement Professionals. The CCRN Exam provides Certification for Adult, Pediatric/ Neonatal Critical Care nurses. A candidate can take all the three examinations. A nurse certified in critical care can add the initials CCRN after her name and this reveals her knowledge and expertise in critical care nursing.

CCRN Adult Exam

The CCRN Adult Exam is divided into two areas, clinical judgment (80%) and professional caring and ethical practice (20%). The sub areas under Clinical Judgment are cardiovascular (32%), pulmonary (17%), endocrine (4%), hematology/immunology (3%), neurology (5%) gastrointestinal (6%), renal (5%) and multi-system (8%).

The Professional Caring and ethical practice includes the following sub areas, advocacy/moral agency (2%), diversity response (2%), clinical enquiry (2%), and learning (4%

Eligibility for CCRN Adult exam is that the candidate be a licensed nurse, with 1750 hours of work experience in adult critical care of which 875 hours of work experience must be in the year prior to attempting the exam.

Candidates can choose to appear for a written test or a computer based test. Passing score is 70% of correct responses of the 150 multiple choice questions. 125 questions are scored and 25 are experimental.

CCRN Pediatric Exam

The CCRN Pediatric Exam Certification confirms that the candidate is proficient and knowledgeable about critical care nursing for children. Eligibility for the CCRN Pediatric Certification is a work experience of 1750 hours in pediatric critical care, of which 875 should be in the year prior to taking the certification exam. The exam is divided into Clinical Judgment and Professional Caring.

CCRN Neonatal Exam

The CCRN Neonatal Certification indicates expertise in critical care of infants. Eligibility and format of the exam is same as the above two exams.
CCRN- Study Materials

The CCRN Exam is largely based on actual critical care practice and experience. Hence it is best to take advantage of Review courses, seminars, study circles and practice exams to test your scores and obtain experience before attempting the actual CCRN Exam.

CCRN Recertification

The CCRN Certification is valid for three years, after this period Recertification requires that the candidate take another CCRN Exam or attempts the Continuing Education Point Recognition Program (CERP).

Date: December 31, 2014.

CCRN Initial Exam Fees

CCRN Exam  
AACN Members $225
Nonmembers $330
CCRN Exam Retest or Renewal by Exam  
AACN Members $170
Nonmembers $275

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