CBIC Practice Exam

The Certification Board of Infection Control & Epidemiology (CBIC) is a voluntary autonomous board that provides certification for health-care professionals in infection control and epidemiology. The certification process ensures protecting the people by disseminating knowledge about infection prevention and control.  The CBIC is accredited by the National Commission on Certifying Agencies.  This certification is necessary for health-care professionals who monitor and help control the spread of communicable diseases, also known as the Infection Control Professionals (IP's).

IP's work towards minimizing the spread of infectious diseases, identify causes, disseminate essential information and also train health-care workers identify, prevent and manage further infections.
CBIC administers the certification for these IP's, which implies that the IP has gained mastery of prevention of infections, their control and epidemiology.  IP's who are certified carry the CIC designation after their name.  The CBIC exam is administered at 140 centers across the US and Canada by Applied Measurement Professionals.


Candidates must be working in the field of infection prevention before they are eligible for certification.


The CBIC exam is computer based consisting of 150 multiple choice questions, of which 15 are pre-test questions.
 CBIC content areas are:

  • Identification of Infection Disease Process
  • Surveillance and Epidemiologic Investigation
  • Infection Control and Prevention
  • Program Management and Communication
  • Education
  • Infection Control Aspects of Employee Health

Study and Practice

Prior to appearing for the CBIC exam, one can opt for the practice test which is not scored, though it helps the candidate to get acquainted with the computer testing environment.  The CBIC Practice test also helps the candidate to become familiar with content and format of the exam. CBIC Practice exam consists of 70 questions similar to questions in the actual CBIC exam. 

CBIC Scores

A score report is available after the successful completion of the CBIC Exam.  The score report contains the raw score of both correctly answered questions as well as the raw score for each content area.  The minimum passing score is determined by the Angoff method.  The minimum passing score varies due to different CBIC exam forms.

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