The CBASE test was designed in the late 1980s by the ARC (Assessment Resource Center) at the University of Missouri. This test is used to evaluate the qualifications of individuals aspiring to take teacher education programs and to test general academic aptitudes and knowledge in campus-wide evaluation programs. Students generally take the test when they have completed college-level education.


The CBASE test is segregated into four subject areas: English, Science, Mathematics, and Social Studies. The entire test comprises of 180 multiple-choice questions in total, with 41 questions in English, 56 in Mathematics, 41 in Science, and 42 in Social Studies.

In addition, a writing exercise is also included. The score on this writing exercise is added with responses to 16 multiple-choice questions pertaining to pre-writing and editing aptitudes, in addition to the knowledge of standard written English.


Candidates for the CBASE are generally students aspiring to get admission into teacher certification programs.


A student must acquire a minimum score of 235 on each section of the CBASE to qualify to get admission in an undergraduate professional education program. If a student fails to pass all of the CBASE sections within the two-year period, all of the separate section scores will expire and the student will have to retake the entire examination.


Students can take help of the textbooks in courses which were studied in the first two years in college to prepare for this exam.

The Assessment Resource Center, also offer some preparation tips or other resources. Students can also access the "Students' Guide to College BASE". It will offer the students with an outline of the topics that will be required to study to score well in the CBASE test.

There are not many study guides available for the CBASE. The Assessment Resource Center cannot offer any guide for the math portion. It is ideal to rely on freshman and sophomore study materials for all other subjects. Of course, school's academic resource center can also be of some help and may also have some tips on how to prepare for the CBASE test.

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