Caribbean Day 2016

The tradition of an international 'Caribbean Day' is associated with the concept of commemorating the importance of a birthday on 1st August.

History of Caribbean Day

As many countries with English-speaking Caribbean, including Barbados, Trinidad, Jamaica, and Tobago have been celebrating Emancipation Day on the 1st August, hence the significance of this date already retains a huge recognition within the Caribbean. Celebration of Caribbean day can also be viewed as the centrifuge to trigger a positive force of international fraternity amongst Caribbean people lasting just for a day - Caribbean Day!

The lineage of the most of people of the Caribbean region starts with a history of their ancestors being picked from the west coast of Africa during the era of the slave trade. The eventual effect of the slave trade was to use Africans to dominantly establish a new region of the world. The slave ship was the molding fire from which a new community of people originated now termed as Afro-Caribbeans.

Where the slave ships debarked, their live cargo in their route of trading ports, along the way and over time family relations and other members were separated at multiple New World ports. Today’s Caribbean community is constituents of many lineages, and together they have assimilated into a multicultural community tolerant of all races, colors and creeds of community.

Today’s Caribbean

Now the independent Caribbean is at a phase to witness its political development where it should establish an international identity. The thinking which perceives the Caribbean group as being a group of mere victims and castaways from Africa should be discarded. The independent entity of Caribbean is the reason to globally conjoin on an annual basis to identify who Caribbean are.

The Great Britain was the colonial power to the world leader USA of today. Keeping in view the fact the Caribbean should establish its own independent entity separate from Africa, whilst still continue to identify the 'special relationship' with that continent.

A worldwide ‘Caribbean Day’ is a centripetal concept that would involve people of Caribbean origin across the globe whilst establishing a global exemplification of the global strength of racial accord.

Caribbean Day 2016