Cannabis Cup 2016

The Cannabis Cup is easily the most famous among festivals from around the world.  It was started in 1987 by Steven Hager. It is held in Amsterdam, Netherlands every year.

About Amsterdam:

Amsterdam is a beautiful city and is famous for many things.  It is well known for canals, the red light district and not to mention coffee shops, where one can openly buy and use cannabis.  Holland has a very liberal attitude towards drugs and has decriminalized the use of drugs.  The city also offers a very good and relaxed lifestyle and a lot of people are known to come here just to sample the drug scene.

What the Cannabis cup event is all about:

This event is held every year to celebrate everything cannabis – and its related businesses. It takes place over a period of 5 days and businesses a chance to showcase their products and also compete in categories such as best marijuana, hashish and other products like hemp clothing and hemp burgers. 

Even organizations who want the free and easy availability of marijuana are trying to make their voice heard through this forum.  This event may not be popular with everyone – it is what Amsterdam a city with a rich tapestry to accommodate every need.

Judging at the Cannabis cup event: 

To become a judge at this unusual event, a person has to pay an extra fee and get the right to vote on the varieties presented.  A Judge’s pass can be bought for $199 and it increases to $250 closer to the event.  If one decides to enter the event when it starts, a ticket would set you back 250 Euros. 

Attendance at this event has varied and the highest was recorded in 2003 with 2300 judges.  Even a film was made and is available in DVD form titled “High Times Presents: The Cannabis Cup” and covers the 2003 event.  There are a few other films available for purchase.

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