Canberra Balloon Festival 2016

The Canberra Balloon Fiesta, otherwise known as the Canberra Balloon Festival features hot air balloons  and is generally held on the lawns of the old Parliament House of Canberra, Australia. 

Canberra is the capital of Australia and with a population of under half a million, it is the largest inland city and 8th in the rankings of largest Australian cities.  It is located a little over 400 miles NE of Melbourne.

Background of Canberra Balloon Festival

Canberra is a vibrant city as the capital of Australia, it has a lot to offer by way of activities.  It has a lot of outdoor space and well planned public gardens.  The arts and entertainment scene is well known in the country.

Canberra Balloon Festival History: 

The Balloon Festival was started in 1986 and is one of the most famous events that takes place every Autumn.  The enduring theme of this festival is the number of balloons – in all shapes and sizes.  More than 50 hot air balloons are launched daily – from the lawns of the Parliament House to float over the city’s iconic national sites.  The balloons come in myriad shapes and colors – some of which were honey bees, windmills, tropical trees to name a few.

What to Expect:

This event has quite a substantial visitor draw – over 15,000 visitors.  People can take rides in the balloons or just come to enjoy looking at the different shapes, while enjoying good company, food and drinks.  There is also all kinds of other entertainment at the event. 

One doesn’t have to be at Parliament House to enjoy the sight of seeing unusual hot air balloons.  Many people come to Australia to participate in this event – and also visit this wonderful country. 

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