Canadian Permanent Residency Visa


By definition, Canadian Permanent Residency Visa is that visa which is granted to a person if they possess certain factors like education, age, work experience and proficiency in the two official languages of Canada, English and French, which indicate a likelihood of them becoming economically settled in Canada.

The Federal skilled worker for instance is selected by a point-based system. There are six factors from which applicants are assessed, and numerous sub-factors which total to 100 points. The minimum required points to be selected are 67 points and the individual should have ten years of experience in certain predefined occupations. Under special conditions, however, individuals who do not get the required number of points may still get selected, as they show an exceptional tendency to settle down in Canada.

Applying for a Canadian Permanent Residency Visa

To get a Canadian Permanent Residency Visa, a person has to be employed in Canada for at least 2 years. During this period, one should be present in the country. If for instance, a person takes a three month vacation outside Canada, the time spent outside will be deducted from the total time of 2 years.

Possible Reasons for Rejection 

  • If you are outside Canada for more that a year, or if your employment authorization lapses, then you have to reapply for a visitor visa.
  • Any cases of misrepresenting training experience or educational qualifications may also result in the canceling of the Canadian Permanent Residency Visa.
  • Applications for Canadian Permanent Residency Visas are also based on factors like financial status, upgrading of skills, marital status, number of dependents in the country of origin and volunteer work.
  • Applications will be rejected if the applicant, spouse or dependent children are found to possess a criminal record.
  • Any serious medical problem existing for the above mentioned people can result in rejection of applications.
  • Live-in caregivers living and working in Quebec are assessed on additional criteria which include knowledge of the official language, French. 

Canadian Permanent Residency Visa: The Process of Selection

There is a rather rigid set of criteria which decide the eligibility for a Canadian Permanent Residency Visa, or Canadian Permanent residency, as it is loosely called. Let us now examine the stages of selection for a Canadian Permanent Residency Visa:

Skilled Worker Class

This category of persona is those meet the following criteria:

  • Suitable level of education
  • Adequate work experience
  • Aged within the permissible limits
  • Proficiency in at least one official Canadian language
  • Meeting the six factors for selection for permanent residency

To be included in the category of a skilled worker two sets of criteria exist – eliminatory conditions and essential selection conditions.

Eliminatory Conditions

  • Should have at least experience of one year in one of the list of 38 main high-demand occupations covering the fields of finance, health and skilled trades or
  • Should be in possession of an employment offer or
  • Must legally have been living in Canada for at least a year.

Besides the above eliminatory conditions, the candidate should meet the essential selection criteria mentioned below:

Essential Selection Conditions

  • Over a period of 10 years, the candidate should be able to show full-time paid employment  and
  • The experience should come under the classification of skill types within the norms set by the Canadian Government. Different types of employment are categorized as type A, B and 0 and
  • The candidate should have scored sufficient points in the skilled worker point grid which consists of six factors for selection with a minimum of 67 points and
  • The applicant should be suitably funded and finally,
  • The applicant should pass security scrutiny and medical examinations. 


This is just a rough guide for the benefit of people who are considering emigration to Canada. There are very specific charts and tables available on the internet, beyond the scope of this brief article, which will give an exact picture of the requirements. In consultation with the Canadian Immigration Office, it would be worthwhile to use these charts and tables get a clear picture of your eligibility.